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Over 11 years of IT knowledge that starts in a garage and has since become a full CSP in a dynamic office and is still growing. Join Venom and become a part of our IT family.
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IT knowledge with origins in a garage

Venom all began in Becki and Steve’s fathers’ garage, with just 2 servers in the attic. Above all, they had the IT knowledge to make a difference for their clients. But how did they get from that to being leaders of the cloud and cyber security world?

Building our IT knowledge and expertise

When the two were young their father, Bob, would be very much into technology. In fact, he built PC’s from scratch and took them to computer fairs to find and learn about new components to upgrade his own PC. Steve would get his technological hand-downs from his father, and Becki would get hand-downs from Steve. Becki to this day remembers her first PC – an Amstrad MegaPC. She proudly says is still her favourite computer of all time.

Becki started working from the early age of 14 with her mother, Cath. While Steve was already working in the IT sector. Steve had a small PC building side business – Becki would even skip school to help him. From there, Becki starts working at the same IT firm as Steve. First, answering the phone and logging tickets until finally saying she wants to start fixing the tickets and issues herself.

The siblings at the time worked for a company that were reluctant to change. In turn, it led to clients that outgrew their IT offerings and start abandoning the company. After receiving years of fantastic service from Steve and Becki, unlike from the rest of the business, the clients that left encouraged the pair to start their own company in which ultimately led to Venom IT and securing their first client.


Secure and widely accessible email solution

From their garage, Steve and Becki started with just one product, a virtual spam filtering solution. This took them down the path of the early days of cloud email services. And later, adding Exchange to the solutions offered. At this point, email on a mobile phone was unheard of and revolutionary.

The birth

of the hosted desktop

One of Becki and Steve’s clients approach them with a problem. Ultimately, they want to have a virtual machine but are reluctant to pay for the costly hardware. Becki and Steve put their heads together and find a solution to fulfil the request. They could build the server themselves in their home and provide access to the client via the internet. In turn, this gives the client a virtual machine(s) and eliminating the full cost of purchasing the hardware.

They invest in a couple of servers to host in their loft and would failsafe over to one another creating a successful backup and recovery solution. After successfully solving this problem the client quickly spread the word about Venom and creates such a buzz that it drew a huge demand for the service. Not many other companies knew the world of cloud hosting at that point, either. Thus forcing many of them to adapt in order to keep up with Venom.


to an advanced Data Centre

With the extra demand on the new technology, Becki and Steve realised their client’s data were quickly outgrowing server capacity and performance in the loft and that they had to think big and quickly! They were also concerned about the potential impact the new demand could have on the performance of their client’s service. With their clients and their data being Becki and Steve’s top priority, they took action and leased new servers in a secure and modern data center, the very same ones they still use to this day.


Led innovation

Venom has continued to grow and evolve over the last 11 years and now has multiple data centres across the UK. Becki and Steve found themselves in an extraordinary journey and wanted to keep all the principles and values they hold dear to and their inspiration gained from their father. To keep being at the forefront of cloud technology, improve and evolve their cloud solutions Venom let their clients be the inspiration and drive that evolution, not their competitors. Being courageous and determined to find solutions to even the most overwhelming of problems, all to succeed in providing their clients with the very best IT solution so that their clients can accomplish their goals and aspirations.

From here Venom has grown naturally, keeping the values of the clients to heart. Instead of putting the client in boxes, the boxes are moulded around the client. Most companies apply restrictions on the solution that rarely fit the customer’s or business’s needs. Instead, Venom builds the solution around the customer making sure they get what they need without overpaying for things they don’t need.

As a client lead company, Becki and Steve see their clients as partners rather than consumers, this is because Venom benefits just as much from them as they do from their solutions. Venom quickly learns from new and ever-changing problems that our clients present to us. This puts Venom in a very unique position, being able to build innovative and dynamic solutions perfectly suited to each of our clients. Our success comes down to simply listening and learning and growing with our clients.

Tech Savvy

Tech Savvy team

There’s a level of inspiration Venom IT gains from the clients. But it’s a keen and growing force and that’s coming from its Technical Specialists team. Their mission is simple, to deliver the absolute best to Venom’s clients through self-development, learning and teaching each other and of our partners. This is important since one of the founding values and priorities for Venom is to keep a watchful eye on the world of tech and to be able to deliver the very latest technical solutions to our clients. To deliver is only the beginning, our engineers will have the constant challenge of learning new solutions inside and out as quickly as possible in which they do extraordinarily well.

Expanding IT knowledge

Steve and Becki find that their technical team are natural problems solvers, very rarely needing self-training. They have learnt through sheer determination, passion, interest, and dedication to deliver the best solution Venom can offer and often take it upon themselves to teach each other. Bringing back the family values mentioned, the team can lean on one another and are not afraid to ask for help when necessary.

They receive in-house training from other team members, learn through networking events, and expand their knowledge at tech forums. The most important learning curve however comes from the client and solving the problems that are fired our way, uncovering new and unique solutions you only get from a team who have a natural flair for everything technology.

Standing out

Standing out

You might wonder what the difference is between Venom IT knowledge and all the other cloud and cyber security providers out there. In fact, it’s not just one thing. Venom IT strives to be at forefront of technology solutions and likes to prove itself so. Venom is accredited by the highly regarded International Organization for Standardization (ISO), with multiple certificates and accreditations that many cloud solutions companies just don’t have such as ISO 9001, 20017 & 20018.

This, in turn, galvanises Venom’s dedication to keeping the client’s data safe and secure. Especially from cyber threats, in addition to complying with the stringent GDPR and DPA laws and regulations.

Speaking of GDPR and DPA laws, Venom also has its own in-house Data Protection Officer who is always on-hand to offer our clients guidance and advice. Moreover, Venom has already achieved the ISO accreditations and certificates. Accordingly, any storing of data in our data centres removes many of the regulatory burdens away from our clients.

Finally, Venom thrives on being a tech leader. As a result, we give talks and lectures on our discoveries at numerous IT tech events and digital platforms.


Constantly Evolving Hosted Desktop Solutions

When hosted desktops were first introduced it revolutionised the way businesses and organisations worked. It cuts the costs of hardware while increasing productivity with benefits such as people being able to work remotely, flexibly, wherever and however they wish. Some companies would just assume that the technology had reached its peak. Venom, however, continues to find untapped potential to further develop the technology and its offerings to its clients.

When we say Venom is further developing the hosted desktop we aren’t joking, Venom IT is currently developing a supercharged, GPU driven hosted desktop that will allow Venom’s partners and clients to receive a significant increase in graphical and multimedia performance from their Cloud PC.

Over the past 11 years, Venom knows that there is no one solution that best fits all clients and businesses. And that is the reason why we have developed several types of Hosted Desktop Solutions. From RDS, to RDP to Citrix and now all cloud solutions enhancing to offer GPU accelerated hosted desktops, we can offer a diverse offering of specific hosted desktop solutions to suit all of our clients. Some clients will need more capacity and power from their components or even less at times, that is not a problem as this can be quickly changed by our engineers. A Hosted Desktop solution that works around our clients which is unique and cost effective.


Pioneering in cloud technology

From just 2 servers in a parent’s loft to having a multitude of servers hosted in multiple locations around the UK, Venom really has paved a way for itself in cloud technology. The data centers that Venom have chosen to host their servers were chosen very carefully by Becki and Steve to house our client’s data, Venom doesn’t take any chances! The data centers chosen have military grade encryption, 7-layer firewall hardware and software and protected by physical on site security making it a nightmare for even the most sophisticated Cyber Hacker getting access.

The data center’s boasting of their security was not enough for Venom, though as impressive as they were, Venom went further to make sure its clients felt as protected as possible. It, therefore, ventured out to becoming fully ISO accredited internally themselves by achieving several of the toughest accreditations and certificates from the cloud security bodies, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). You don’t need all the accreditations to be lawful in the handling of client’s data, in fact most companies go for the minimum. Venom on the other hand have been awarded all standard ISO awards such as ISO 9001 but then have achieved additional certification of ISO 20017 and 20018 which should give our partners peace of mind that their data is very well protected. 


Dynamic and unique infrastructures

When a new client partners with Venom it’s an exciting time for us as it gives us a new challenge to find a solution for and brings in new partnerships into the family we’ve created. Being client-focused means that we are driven to create a solution that’s perfect for them and how we do this is through listening to the problems identified by the client. 

We go even further and dig through their current infrastructure to gain a better understanding and scope out a strategy on how to fix and improve the clients overall work life. Once we believe we have a solution in mind we talk through our findings with the client and if they are happy we’ll get right to work, if not we’ll go back and figure it out until we get it right. 


Solving problems

At Venom we love to go above and beyond what the client expects from us, with years of experience behind us and with a range of different business types, ultimately, our client’s success is also our success. With this in mind, we get deep into the problems and we will also offer a specific solution to that rids of any un-necessary solutions giving you the most cost-efficient solution possible. 

Venom is well equipped to handle any challenges that our clients present to us. Accordingly, we’re led by an ambitious team of problem solvers. Whether the client is looking for a fully managed or a dynamically integrated partnership to complement and enhance their existing IT department and structure, Venom and the client will enhance and grow together. Venom has a watchful eye on advancement in technology, always upgrading in the background and delivering that extra bit more for the client, keeping both you and Venom up to date thus also giving the partnership that competitive advantage. 

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