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Why Choose
Venom IT?

We understand choosing the right IT partnership can be a critical business decision. Venom IT are experienced and reliable, tailoring long-lasting IT Support relationships with 1000’s of happy clients.
Our clients

Don’t let IT headaches slow your business down

Technology is always evolving, making it difficult for many organisations to stay on top of their IT infrastructure. Venom IT are here to offer a secure and modernised IT Support partnership, enabling businesses to focus on the core activities that matter most.

Clients trust our experience and wide range of services

Ever-changing data protection legislation and growing cyber security threats add to the complexity of any business/organisation, large or small. Venom IT understands this from 15 years in existence and decades of combined technical expertise and knowledge from the team.You can trust that we know how to overcome all sizes of IT and technology challenges, great or small.

Venom IT was established by siblings Steven & Becki Powell in the garage of their family home in Sale, Manchester, back in 2009. They have navigated the company from its humble beginnings with just the two of them, through to steady growth year-on-year.

Steven Powell (Technical Director) “My business partner and I were working for an IT company that pretty much did everything contrary to what we felt was good practice, so we started our own business, just the two of us, from a garage. 10 years on and we service 25,000+ individuals from around 1000 different companies, and we employ more than 20 technicians and engineers.”

What does a partnership with Venom IT look like?

Multiple layers of data protection

  • The very latest investment and rollout in IT security technologies, tools and development in our technicians. 
  • Based in a UK Tier 3 and 2 Data Center shared by other clients such as the Emergency Services call centers and Manchester airport who house their security in the data center itself. 
  • Cyber Essentials Certified and GDPR compliant with our own certified Data Protection Officer ready to help our clients when needed. 
  • G-Cloud 11 approved Cloud Services Provider that sets a high standard by HM’s government to offer Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud support. 
  • Highly audited accreditations that require high standards throughout the whole process in which the ISO conditions require. ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 27017. 

IT services tailored for client requirements

  • A 24/7 service either by phone, e-mail or a dedicated customer support portal. 
  • Tiered technical support that allocates cases directly to the right technician. 
  • The ability to feedback on every case raised. 
  • A structured and transparent escalation process. 
  • Dedicated Account managers and Customer Relations teams will check that things are running smoothly. 

We’re always on the ball

  • Venom keeps updated with the latest IT technology innovations and best practices.
  • Technicians are developed to keep up with the latest skills and knowledge. 
  • A Customer relations process that helps identify possible gaps in service for our clients to consider. 
  • Quarterly reviews personally design to each client. 
  • Invites to events or suggested networking opportunities identified by our Business Development teams that could benefit your business. 

Trust our agility

  • Our team size makes us agile enough to provide a much more tailored solution for your business. 
  • We can work together with your existing IT structure set up and deliver a complementing unity of expertise to excel the business further.

We’ll get creative

  • We’re ahead of the curve with Cloud solutions. In fact, we’ve been offering them since 2009.
  • Moreover, we’re one of the first MSPs to offer GPU accelerated Hosted Desktop Solutions in the UK. 
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