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Hosted Solutions

Hosted Virtual Desktop Providers (DaaS)

Work remotely and securely on any connected device. Venom IT are award winning hosted virtual desktop providers, offering DaaS solutions to keep your business running no matter where you are.
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Hosted DaaS that empowers your team

Empower your staff by giving them access to secure and dynamic Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution from Venom IT. You and your team can benefit from virtual desktop hosting wherever you are and from any device, at any time.

What is a Hosted Virtual Desktop?

Hosted Desktop solutions, also known as a DaaS or Virtual Desktop, which include services like Citrix, offer a straightforward and securely hosted solution for working remotely. Venom IT’s hosted desktop services allow your workforce to work from anywhere, on any device including laptops, tablets and smartphones. This enables your business to remain as productive as possible even when major events occur affecting normal in-office activities.

These types of cloud-based virtual services cater to several different uses. From lighter use by administrative applications, to intense graphical and multimedia design applications such as Adobe Creative Suite.

No matter your requirements, our securely hosted desktop solutions have your business covered.

We go even further to secure you and your clients’ data as a leading DaaS provider in the UK

Your data and applications will be stored securely inside ISO 27001 and 270017 accredited UK data centres. This level of storage offers world-class military-grade 2048-bit encryption. As a result, you’ll have the confidence that only the person who can access the data in your virtual desktop environment is you and your team.

Remote Accessibility


VGPU driven performance

Data Security

Remote Accessibility

Empower your workforce to work anywhere on any device

Venom IT’s app hosting solutions provide incredible flexibility and accessibility for your workforce. Your business can run remotely with employees safely able to access to data, software and applications on any device with Internet access.

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DaaS solutions that dynamically adapt to your unique organisation’s needs

As your organisation changes so will your cloud-based service needs. As a leading DaaS provider in the UK, Venom IT can tailor services to, adapt and adjust as much as your organisation needs them to.

We tailor our services to best fit your team and business requirements.

As a result, you can continue to drive productivity high whilst keeping costs low.

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VGPU driven performance

Built for the most demanding of applications to keep your workforce productive

Venom IT’s Hosted Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions aim to offer performance to a wide range of users.

DaaS providers for the UK

From the lower intensity software use in administrative tasks, to the more intense CAD and Adobe Creative Suite users. We work with NVIDIA to offer a truly powerful GPU led hosted desktop solution that enables your high-end users to continue to work from any location.

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Data Security

Our secure IT Infrastructures are uniquely built to suit your needs

Your business and your client’s data is stored in Tier 3 (Military Grade) and Tier 2 data centres. Safely securing customer data is at the heart of everything we do.

Trust in our ISO 9001, 27001 & 27017 accreditations


We put ambitious data security systems and procedures in place. Access sensitive data remotely from any location, on any device with no risk to security. With As trusted DaaS providers , you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

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Does my team need a Hosted Virtual Desktop?

Anyone and everyone from businesses of any size can benefit from virtual desktops. It’s a common myth that these solutions are only worth considering for larger organisations. Both small and medium businesses are just as likely to benefit due to needing cost effective, reliable machines. 

With hybrid and remote working now an industry standard across businesses of all sizes, hosted desktop solutions allow employees to work securely from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility aligns with a straightforward management of the system itself, meaning even the most tech-averse employees can make the most of a hosted desktop.

What are the benefits of Virtual Desktops?

The first and most alluring benefit of desktop implementations based in the cloud are the fact they are cheaper than buying expensive laptops and computers. This even goes for businesses who need resource-heavy machines such as design studios and creative agencies. Virtual hosted desktops can provide a very powerful machine in the server (which does all the hard work) and stream it to budget-friendly, lower quality laptops and PCs. 

It’s also much more secure, hosted in high grade servers which have over 99.5% up-time ratings, offering superb reliability. In the extremely rare case a server were to fail, all files and programs are securely and almost instantly transferred to a new server – you wouldn’t notice there was an issue!

Finally, Virtual Desktops are scalable to your company’s’ size and expanding requirements, so as your company grows or services develop we can match these needs instantly.

Compare DaaS solutions
Remote Desktop ServiceCitrix Remote Desktop ServiceVMWare Remote Desktop ServiceVGPU
Fully optimised for Linux, Windows 10 and office 365Uses less bandwidth, increasing performance and stabilityEmpower the workforce by delivering the apps and data they need to be as productive as possible.Drives graphically demanding software such as CAD and Adobe Design.
Simple installation with the ability to scale in minutesSecure access with identity management and single sign-onMulti-Cloud format making it easy to manage your environment across public, private and hybrid clouds.GPU driven acceleration.
Ease of access on any device with an internet connectionSingle interface where you can securely access all Apps, Files and DataHigh security that simplifies GDPR complianceProduce more in less time.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between Citrix and Microsoft RDS, and how do I choose between them?

The table below should give you a better understanding of which virtual machine to choose. Ideally, though, you should give us a ring on 0161 358 1060 and let our technicians do a thorough assessment of your needs.

Ultimately, we can match you up with the best solution for your business.

CitrixMicrosoft RSD
CostMore expensiveCheaper
Operational efficiencyBetter
User Experience

  • Better single-device user experience (i.e.
    best used on a traditional PC. Consider this
    for workstations.)

  • Better cross-device user experience (i.e.
    works better on more devices such as
    phones and tabs. Consider this for remote
    working and BYOD scenarios.)

  • Easier Customisation

  • Step-by-step trouble shooting

Image management: DesktopPartial supportFull support
Image management: BYODNoFull support
Offline accessYesNo
Two-factor authentication YesYes, but it is complicated and it has a limited
Can run on Mac or PCYes, but Mac is complicatedYes to both
Ability to run large apps fasterBetter
File copy (network latency)Faster
Video playbackBetter
Behind-the-scenes geek stuff you probably
needn’t worry about

  • Can run on more servers

  • Easier to update

  • Faster installs of new apps

Easier patch management

You can watch this video to see a side-by-side comparison of the same video played on a Citrix virtual machine and on a VMware virtual machine. Ask yourself: is video playback the most important consideration for your business?

How much does it cost to set up a new cloud system?

Nothing. Setup is free. Our on-boarding process consists of a needs analysis, project scoping and creation of your new cloud-based system, all completely free, whatever it may be.

Keeping costs down

There are small additional per-user charges, such as migrating all your emails or data from off your old system and onto the new one. However, we try to keep these costs to a minimum and will always be upfront with you beforehand.

How much does it cost to migrate from my old cloud provider to Venom IT?

We charge a one-off fee of £5 per user to migrate your existing desktop onto your new cloud desktop, and a one-off £13 per user per email address.

Will all my current apps run on a virtual machine?

In most cases yes.

Functionally, a virtual machine is very close to a physical machine. It can perform almost all the same tasks that a physical machine can, and often faster than a physical machine with identical spec. There are a few exceptions (such as certain versions of Office 365) that are prohibited from running on virtual desktops due to licensing agreements.

Is a Virtual Machine (VM) really faster than a physical machine?

Mostly, yes, depending on the task and spec of the machine. A cloud-based virtual machine is also superior thanks to its reliability, security and zero need for maintenance. Additional points include its scalability, no capital layout, space saving and a reduced need for an in-house IT team – Venom IT provides full IT support.

Another factor to consider is internet speed. You would usually have between 30-60 Mbps internet at home, with an office user needing between 70-150 Mbps. The per-machine internet speed at Venom IT’s data centres is between 350-550 Mbps – quite a difference!

It’s true that for certain applications (such as intensive graphic/ 3D design) an ordinary VM might be somewhat slower than a custom-built physical machine. However, we offer bespoke solutions for some of our customers (such as architects and designers) where the VM is equipped with a graphics card as well. These machines can match or beat the performance of a physical machine with similar spec.

Can I set up my own apps and programs?

In short, yes and no.

For security reasons, we prefer not allowing customers to install their own apps, but at the same time, we understand the occasional need for customers to do this. There are two ways in which we can handle such requests:

  1. If you send us all the relevant licensing information, we can do the installation for you, free of charge.
  2. Alternatively, we can give you a limited time window during which you can install the apps yourself, after which the system reverts back to its default, high-security setting.
Does Office 365 work with DaaS?

Yes, it does!

In essence, you just need the Office 365 Pro Plus or E3 license. Venom IT does provide a solution that includes the Office suite and an email address on our own Exchange platform

Is a virtual, cloud-hosted desktop really more secure than having my own machines?

Yes! Your shiny new virtual machine is protected by round-the-clock security guards, and comes with military-grade encryption (2048 -bit), military-grade firewalls and banking-level security (IL4). Venom IT meets G-Cloud 12 security standards, which makes us an approved government supplier for cloud services.

What do I need by way of computers, equipment etc. to run a virtual desktop?

A virtual desktop can be accessed via any device that has internet connectivity and Remote Desktop Service (RDS) – which means most smartphones and tablets, as well as PC, Linux, Chromebook and Mac.

Would I still be able to use the printer/scanner/fax/etc. in my office?

If your equipment previously ran on the machine from which you are running your virtual desktop, then it will also work on the virtual desktop. Our team can assist you with any setup that may be required. Please be sure to mention all the devices you would like to connect when you have your project scoping meeting with your assigned project manager.

What support do I get with my hosted desktop?

Venom IT provides 24/7 business-critical support with full support between the hours of 8-5.30 Monday to Friday.

How much does it cost to upgrade to a newer version?

In short: nothing.

Venom IT offers free upgrades for both Windows and Office, although only upon request. The reason for this is that sometimes your current software, especially custom software, might not work properly on newer versions of Windows or not interface correctly with Office.

Before upgrading, we will perform a thorough compatibility assessment, run some tests, and create a rollback plan in case things go wrong. This enables us to easily restore your system to the way it was before in the event that the upgrades were not compatible.

What is the difference between Office 365 and the Office version that comes with my hosted desktop, and how do I choose between them?

Either form of Office is great, but each one has some unique advantages for DaaS.

When we built our cloud system, our two main concerns were security against external attacks and data protection from within.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription, similar to the MS Office version that comes with your hosted desktop. But we felt that there were certain improvements that we could make, so that’s what we did.

For example, one disadvantage with Office 365 is that you still need to create your own backups, as Microsoft does not guarantee data protection. Rollbacks are also very limited and accidental or malicious deletions often cannot be undone if committed by a member with elevated privileges.

This also creates complications with regulatory compliance – if you are required to store data for long periods of time e.g. 2+ years, then you would definitely need additional archiving in place, as 365 does not cater for this.

So we set about using ‘normal’ Microsoft Office, but with a few additions and upgrades. All-in-all, it is designed to give you a better user experience, better security, and better data protection and retention to meet regulatory requirements.

The comparison below shows Office (either 2016 or 2019) vs 365:

Office Pro 2019 from Venom ITOffice 365 Business Premium
Full UK-based supportYesNo
Nominal Cost£7.00 PCM (on Citrix)£9.40 PCM
SubscriptionMonth-to-month1 year

  • Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • Outlook

  • Access

  • OneNote

  • Publisher

  • Exchange

  • Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • Outlook

  • Access (local install)

  • OneNote

GDPR complianceAll data is UK-hosted and storedUnknown
Licence typeRentedRented
Automatic product updatesYesYes
Automatic security updatesYesYes
Automatic feature updatesNoYes
Email AliasesUnlimitedLimited
Mailbox size100GB50GB
Email backup

  • 45-day full restore

  • 150-day recovery of deleted items

  • Unlimited archiving standard

  • Indefinite archiving

  • No native backup solution

  • 14-day recovery of deleted items

  • Limited archiving on most plans

  • Limited to 2-year retention

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