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GDPR Basics Booklet

Make your data protection strategy simpler thanks to our GDPR Basics booklet.
Download the booklet

Download the GDPR Basics Booklet from Venom IT

Download our GDPR booklet that aims to explain the basics of the GDPR in a way that is more easily digestible and, hopefully, made practical and useful for employees, managers and business owners alike.

For more general information on cookies see the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.

Download the booklet

Remember that the middle two letters of GDPR stand for “Data Protection”—this means taking proper cybersecurity measures. Probably 50% of GDPR compliance relies on healthy IT systems, and the other half is split between legalities such as privacy notices and contracts, and organisational measures such as staff training and assigning of data access privileges. If you can prevent a data breach from happening in the first place, you’ve done well. Enjoy the booklet!

For more general information on cookies, see the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.