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Safeguard your web and mobile apps behind a highly secure cloud hosted environment. Our reliable and high performing storage space sets the best foundations for better team productivity. Put your hosting requirements together with Venom IT app hosting.
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Fully accessible app hosting

Highly secure app hosting on the cloud means full access from anywhere, on any device.

Keep creating: We’ll protect you

Venom IT’s reliable hosting solutions for mobile and web apps provide a cloud platform to host all your data for maximum access.. Whether it’s a straightforward, common application or an app your own business develops, our cloud hosting is the best solution.

Secondly, partnering with Venom IT gives you a highly secure, extremely fast storage space for your app alongside unrivaled accessibility. As a result, your teams are liberated to focus on their top priorities in whatever they do best.

What is application hosting?

Application hosting is a service that provides secure, cloud-based hosting for a variety of software applications. For example, our cloud infrastructure allows a business to securely host their software applications on our specialised servers. The greatest benefit to this setup is a huge red costs, since you don’t have to spend time and money building a server capable of holding an application and maintaining it. With an application hosting service, you only pay for the storage size needed and not the physical server on premise. Another issue with on-premise server builds for a business can be wasted, unused space. This means it can be difficult to justify the price for the build and management, not to mention the cost of running both the used and empty space.

App hosting specialists

Using a specialist application hosting service minimises downtime. Venom IT proudly boast an up-time of 99.99%, with our in-house specialists always on hand to tackle any issue in the unlikely event one should arise. Hosting your software and applications on our servers allows authorized users to quickly access the app from anywhere, with our military-grade data centers running on the fastest internet in the UK. Conversely, our access control provides added protection from unauthorised entry. As cyber security professionals, we securely protect the application and your data from potential cyber threats such as ransomware and DDOS attacks.

What kind of apps can we host?

Almost any kind of software application can be hosted in some form or another. You’ll be familiar with most of these applications, and they are often the same types of platforms we’re proud to have a great history supporting. Some things to consider when looking for application providers include:

The type of app: The specific type of app you need will determine the type of hosting solution you need.
The size of your business: The size of your business will affect the amount of resources you need.
Your budget: IT providers offer a variety of hosting plans at different price points.
Your security requirements: You need to make sure that the IT provider you choose has the security measures in place to protect your data.

We can host a vast array of application types, including popular platforms such as Sage, CCH, Proclaim, office 365, and SalesForce. However, if you’re a smaller or new developer and increased popularity in your application requires increased security and storage, we’re here to help.






Empower your workforce to work on any application, anywhere and on any device

Venom IT’s fast and reliable app hosting solutions provide incredible flexibility and accessibility for your workforce, enabling  your team to work remotely from anywhere they need to. Your team will have confidence in our secure server, with cloud access to your data, software and applications on any device with Internet access.

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Friendly and experienced cloud technicians on-hand 24/7

Here’s what makes Venom IT different from in-house technical experts: the option to hire multiple employees for extensive support is costly. Venom IT offers competent technicians, on hand  24/7 to give your business the help it needs.

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Venom IT work with Military Grade Security Data Centers to protect your precious data

We store your business and the client’s data in Tier 3 (Military Grade) and Tier 2 data centers. Securing customer data is at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we put ambitious data security systems and procedures in place. Accordingly, you can quickly access crucial patient data but at no cost to data security. With our ISO 9001, 27001 & 27017 accreditations, trust that your data is always safe.

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App Hosting solutions that dynamically adapt to your unique organisation’s needs

As your organisation changes so will your app hosting solutions needs. Venom’s app hosting services are designed to adapt and adjust as much as your organisation needs them to.

We only provide the solutions you need.

Therefore, you’ll drive productivity high whilst keeping costs low.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What uptime can I expect?

Venom IT offers a financially-backed, guaranteed minimum 99.95% uptime. Service credits work on a sliding scale as below:

Downtime in any given calendar monthCredit Given
< 99.90%5% of Recurring Fees
<99.80%7.5% of Recurring Fees
<99.70%10% of Recurring Fees
<99.60%12.5% of Recurring Fees
<99.50%15% of Recurring Fees
<99.40%17.5% of Recurring Fees
<99.30%20% of Recurring Fees
<99.20%22.5% of Recurring Fees
<99.10%25% of Recurring Fees
How is performance managed?

We use dynamic resource allocation on all our app servers. This means that more resources will automatically be allocated to servers experiencing high demand.

Having said that, app servers are classed and priced depending on the demand placed on them (at level 1, level 2, etc.). Your server will never be allocated more than 90% additional resources, and for no longer than 3 hours at a time. Should your server continuously experience higher demand than what it was designed for, we will discuss the option of upgrading your server permanently.

Where does my app hosting take place?

You can find each of our data centres at a specific location in the UK.

Can you assist me with the development of my app?

Venom IT specialises in cloud hosting services, which means that unfortunately we cannot offer any assistance with the developing, support or upgrading of apps. We offer a simple, stable and secure environment within which to host your app but the rest is up to you.

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