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Why is DaaS adoption is on the rise?

What is DaaS and what’s got people talking?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a very popular cloud computing solution that allows organisations to access a complete virtual desktop computing environment. Providers usually offer DaaS as a subscription-based package, which allows cost predictability and flexibility as different capabilities become necessary.

As a comprehensive desktop environment, you can imagine DaaS as an enhanced form of Software as a Service (SaaS), which only makes software applications available. Hosting computing infrastructure, network resources, and storage, and streaming them through a virtual desktop to any integrated device, DaaS is a necessity for every innovative, future-oriented organisation.

8 Core benefits of DaaS


1. Futureproofing: As technology evolves, virtual desktop users will be able to change their devices or core operating systems without disrupting their data infrastructure. Providers also invest heavily in potent security measures and compliance certifications, protecting your data. Finally, DaaS provides integration capabilities that ensure integration with any new devices that you introduce.

2. Scalability: Organisations can use DaaS to scale their infrastructure up or down, based on demand and necessity. Furthermore, you can do this without costly investment in new hardware over multiple disparate locations. The tiers of performance that you need are also straightforward to switch between, along with automatic upgrade and maintenance.

3. Cost: DaaS enables the streamlining of internal resources, while also lowering the requirements of supporting a physical infrastructure. Analysts estimate that this cloud-based strategy can save organisations between 30% and 50% over the course of four years. It also greatly reduces redundancies among resources, due to the elimination of unused hardware.

4. Flexibility: Being responsive in challenging times is one of the most important reasons for DaaS adoption. By buying a subscription or function-based services, businesses can adopt a pay-as-you-grow Operating Expenses (OpEx) payment model. This will make your organisation more responsive to the changing needs of your business at a much-reduced cost.

5. Security: Security burdens are shifted away from specific, individual devices and placed within a larger, more centralised infrastructure which maximises the protection available. You’lll no longer need to hold and back up your data on one vulnerable device, instead using an encrypted cloud environment, which is accessible only through multi-factor authentication.

6. Mobility: Virtual desktop providers may offer dedicated mobile apps that users can access on their smartphones or tablets, allowing them to access their organisation’s virtual desktops remotely. Also, DaaS is easily optimisable for the bandwidth capabilities of your devices and location while also often supplying offline access for specific applications and files.

7. Productivity: Enabling users to access an efficient computing environment, adopting DaaS will improve your organisation’s productivity. Allowing remote access and device independence, productivity is still high among both on-premises and remote team members. Also, using redundancy mechanisms, DaaS providers efficiently reduce downtime caused by maintenance failures and other common inconveniences or disruptions.

8. Ease of management: Your DaaS system will allow your IT administrators to enjoy a range of ease of management improvements. Providing organisations with a centralised management interface, you can manage multiple virtual desktops with reduced complexity. Crucially, the onboarding process is faster and more straightforward along with enhanced performance monitoring capabilities.


How a DaaS provider can help

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