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Your Emails Need Protection From Fake Email. This Is the Internet Filtering Service for you.

Essential Email Protection and Internet Security – Vital For Your Business.

Let’s look at a few of the more common risks associated with emails today:

  • Inbound viruses attached to emails - The malware code could be relatively harmless (e.g. adware) or disable your entire network (e.g. a ‘cryptolocker’ virus).

  • Spyware - Code that follows what you do on your computer (Websites visited, keys typed, etc.)

  • Spam - Needs no explanation!

  • 'Phishing' emails - malicious emails that attempt to gain sensitive information from you.

  • 'Pharming emails' - Like phishing, yet using computer code to send you to dodgy websites.

  • Spoofing - emails that appear to originate from somewhere else.

  • DOS (Denial of service) - Sending you thousands/millions of emails so you can’t function.

…and the list goes on.

How Long Can You Survive Without Email?

Could your business survive a long time without being able to send or receive emails? What would be the impact of clicking on the wrong link and then inadvertently allowing someone access to your business bank account?

How can you be sure that emails actually originate from who they say they do?

For the answer to questions just like those – and hundreds of other questions that you’d never even thought of – just get in touch with us.

Do you really want to know what type of email authentication procedures we use or do you just want to know if your emails arrive safely?

We can put your mind to rest at both ends of the “jargon spectrum” and speak with you at whatever level of complexity you need. Our IT team offers assistance by and answering any questions you have.

Prevent thousands of attacks from you email - ask for a quote for your internet filter.

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A Few Of The Ways We’ll Protect Your Emails…

Internet Filtering.

With our fully tried and tested internet-filtering solution, you can be protected against spam and viruses without having to download any software. This means that you can access your account using different devices and be confident that all the ’nasties’ have already been removed before you access your emails.

Emails that are flagged are quarantined so you can still reinstate them once you are sure that they’re trustworthy.

DNS Checker.

This enables us to tell whether the data coming in from the outside is a real person or a spambot. This system is custom-built and the software is getting continually smarter as it reconciles more information over time.

Internet Proxy.

Spammers and hoaxers often mask their IP address via a proxy server. We can tell which IP addresses (proxy servers) are up to no good and then block sites accordingly. Spam and Virus Scan.

As you’d expect, our world-class solutions protect you better than anyone else in the marketplace. Be confident that the emails you open are genuine and risk free. If you need to “educate” your spam filter so that it blocks certain senders, you can do that, too, effortlessly.

Anti-Spoofing and Anti-Phishing.

Spoofing’ is where fake emails pretend to be from someone else. ‘Phishing’ emails are those that look authentic but try and take you to a harmless-looking site that then requests personal information which hackers use to scam you. Our software detects these by identifying certain trigger words and other methods to ensure these are stopped before they ever get to you.


‘Spyware’ can take many forms but essentially, it’s designed to track where you surf or which keys you type - obviously, a security threat. There are other ‘wares’ too, such as adware, ransomware, and scareware. In short, if your email has got any type of ‘ware’ in it, it’ll be immediately stopped.

Header & Text Analysis.

There are several keywords that denote spam. With our intelligent filtering software, you are guaranteed that it can calculate the probability that an email is a spam. In case it’s not spam, you can still rescue it from the quarantine, as it will be kept there for 30 days.

Outbound Email Filtering.

If you’re getting a lot of spam, you’ll be producing a lot of “bounce-backs” to the sender. This can, inadvertently, let the spammer know a lot about you. We prevent that by monitoring your outbound emails. Note, this is a software - nobody reads your emails; they’re encrypted and kept secure.

Denial of Service Protection.

If someone decides to try and swamp you with spam, no problem, we’ll simply cut them off at the source so they can’t affect you.

Directory Harvest Protection.

Spammers are sneaky. They can send lots of emails to bob@ jane@ martin@ and usually, these receive bounce-backs (QV). This will inform the spammer that (say) martin@ doesn’t exist. When they’ve exhausted the list of usual names, they can end up with a list of non-bounce backs, thus, guessing your email addresses. Don’t worry, we’ll stop that from happening long before it ever becomes a concern.


To ensure as high a deliverability rate as possible, we make sure that your emails are encrypted to the right standards, formatted the correct way and tick the various boxes expected by third parties so that your emails are posted “first class”.

The Best Architecture, White Lists and Codes Of Practice.

Getting your emails out is as important as stopping the wrong ones coming in.

Venom ITWe maintains very high standards in our codes of practice to ensure our reputation is impeccable.

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