Internet and Email Filtering

Guaranteed Protection from Viruses with Venom IT

Internet and Email Filtering from Venom IT

With the advancement of the internet, information can be acquired effortlessly and data can be gathered in just a few clicks. Unfortunately you are now more susceptible than ever to potential risks, such as viruses, that can put your data in danger.

From inhibiting the use of your computers to distributing personal data about you and your employees, Viruses can have a seriously negative impact on your Business. It is therefore vital that you have an email protection and internet security plan in place to protect you from the risks.

Don’t leave yourself susceptible to potential viruses via the internet, let Venom IT mitigate all risks by rigorously assessing and protecting your networks and data.

Guaranteed Protection Against Viruses

With Venom IT’s fully tried and tested internet and email filtering solution, you are guaranteed total protection against spam and viruses without having to download any software. This means that you can access your account and be confident that anything potentially harmful has already been removed before you access your emails. Emails that are flagged will be quarantined so you can reinstate them once you are sure that they’re trustworthy. Put your trust in Venom IT and we will guarantee you protection from the risks of viruses with our internet filtering services.

An Example of some of the ways we'll keep your Emails safe:

DNS Checker

This enables us to tell whether the data coming in from the outside is from a real person or spam. This system is custom-built and we are enhancing the software all the time.

Anti-Spoofing and Anti-Phishing

Spoofing’ is where fake emails pretend to be from someone else. ‘Phishing’ emails are those that look authentic but try and take you to a harmless-looking site that then requests personal information which hackers use to scam you. Our software detects these and removes them before they ever get to you.


Spyware enables a user to obtain covert information about your computer activities which is an obvious security threat. Our anti-spyware functionality will prevent this, keeping your private information safe.

    We are IT specialists based in Manchester, offering cyber security and innovative Cloud computing solutions as well as IT support.

    Here at Venom IT, we specialise in helping Businesses save time and money with all of their IT needs. We provide 24/7 IT support to our clients, attending to their issues immediately to mitigate disruption.

    We provide complete all round network security solutions. We put in place a number of security measures, including Virus and Malware protection, email filtering and security patching to ensure the protection of our client’s networks and systems.

    We offer an extensive range of Cloud computing services, including hosted desktops, hosted Citrix, Internet filtering, remote working, hosted Microsoft Exchange email, disaster recovery and web hosting. We set up and implement our systems to ensure that anyone, from the most tech-savvy to the least, can enjoy the benefits.

    Venom IT is a trusted Microsoft silver partner and we are Cyber Essentials accredited, ensuring that our services are totally secure. We offer a complete IT service for Businesses of any size so there’s no need for more than one point of contact – when it comes to IT, we do it all.

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