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Expand Your Business' Reach Around the World with Remote Working.

The opportunities for company owners and their team to work remotely are many and varied; the biggest problem is that not everyone has taken full advantage of it, thereby losing competitive advantages.

Why would I want to work remotely?

With the world of technology changing so quickly, this is not surprising.

However, we’d recommend that you at least familiarise yourself with the occasions and reasons available to you when remote working would be of benefit to you or your team and then request a consultation so that Venom IT, a reputable IT consulting company, can show you how well we can help.

Let’s consider just a few of the reasons why remote working in the 21st century is such a good idea.

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More Productive Staff.

Intuitively, you’d think people would slack off, but you’d be wrong. Fewer distractions combined with decreased hassles have been proven to be a winning combination when it comes to getting more out of your team.

The trouble is, we tend to equate “time spent in the office” with “productive work” and that is a very poor metric to use. Sitting at a desk does not necessarily get work done. Also, some people function better at different times of day and a typical 9 to 5 role may not attract your best employees.

The key is to ensure you can measure by output rather than simply by hours at the office.

Instead, consider better ways of defining productivity (output) targets and then help your team achieve those. Make sure that you are clear with all the requirements, that are specific and ambitious yet realistic, achievable and measurable.

Empower your team to work remotely, if the situation allows it, and let them prove themselves to you. If they happen to be most productive at 3.00 am in the morning, don’t get in the way!

Let Venom IT help you understand how to remotely monitor PC usage and set up KPIs to ensure that your team is optimised for production, wherever the are.

Savings: Travel, Time, Tiredness

It’s probable, consider that some employees can spend half of their time traveling to get to your business, incurring various travel costs and fatigue. By the time they get to the office, you might not get the best out of them.

If you can harness the time and energy wasted traveling and/or motivate them with a target-related financial bonus, funded by the savings in travel cost, you can leverage a much more motivated team with more available hours to work for you.

Of course, if travel is essential, then you can recoup at least some of that expense by enabling remote access whilst en-route.


It’s been demonstrated in countless studies that happy and rewarded staff are more loyal and productive. When the old, draconian ways of working (think of the industrial revolution era production lines) were challenged with flexi-time and bonus-related remuneration, people were amazed that productivity soared.

Similarly, when you entrust your team to work remotely, they’ll be less resentful of “going to work” and less likely to take time off (absenteeism) or change jobs.

Studies have shown that pay is only a fractional motivation lever for most people. Job satisfaction is a much better motivator that will be more beneficial for your business.

Less Sick Days

We tend to forget that it’s not natural or nice to cram your bacon sandwich breakfast into your mouth, whilst jostled between other sweating commuters, then sprinting to catch a bus.

It’s all unnecessarily stressful. And as we know (yet never seem to learn), stress, over time causes low energy, reduced immunity to diseases, insomnia, tiredness, irritability, heart problems, ulcers. Think of how these can impact your business over time.

There’s no need for it.

The Environment.

Now that we’ve established the proper ways on how to empower your team by working remotely, expect that these will improve the environment at work if nothing else by creating fewer distractions and tension.

When it comes to the external environment, the savings to your carbon footprint associated with reduced heating, lighting, PC-usage etc cannot be ignored.

If your company has a responsible corporate image to maintain, it’s no small thing to promote the fact that you are committed to reducing your carbon emissions.

The Technology To Be Near When You’re Far.

As you can see, the case for working remotely, even if just part time, can be very strong indeed. The technology to facilitate this is relatively mature, robust and reliable.

Venom IT can work with you to ensure your business is optimised to work remotely whilst being secure and set for production efficiency.

Local Area Networks(LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), Metropolitan Area Networks(MAN’s) - these are our bread and butter. So are the remote desktop, web-based email, Virtual Private Networks, Cloud-based CRMs. you name it, we “got it”.

We don’t need more jargon, we need more “stuff done, on the hoof”.

Remote… Not Necessarily The Same as “Distant”.

As always, the main issue is not in the availability of the technology but in the understanding of the practical, business applications of it, according to your specific objectives, budgets, and criteria.

You’re cordially invited to get in touch now by using the form or calling 0330 202 0220. Venom IT will organise a consultancy for you to demonstrate how we can help your business take remote working to the next level in ways you’d never have thought of.

We’ll never be too remote for you.

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