Remote Working

Do you want the option to work from home? We can provide you with an efficient remote working solution.

Secure Remote Working Solutions from Venom IT

Remote working provides a flexible working solution for you and your employees.

Venom IT will set up a platform that is accessible anywhere, allowing you to complete your work wherever you are.

We will provide you with a secure, flexible working solution so you can still operate your business, improve your branding and intensify your sales even when you’re not in the office.

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remote working

What are the Benefits of Remote Working?

Save time Travelling to and from Work

Working remotely can often be an efficient solution for employees who live far away from the office. Rather than making long journeys to and from work every day, they can simply connect to their desktop from their home. The time saved from not travelling can be spent on the more important matter of increasing business for your Company.

Reduce sick days and Create a Healthier Working Environment

Remote working can help to reduce sick days as staff can simply stay at home and work from there if they have a minor illness or problem. Staff will no longer have to come in when they’re ill which will reduce the risk of spreading germs around the office and create a healthier working environment.

Relieve Reliance on Child Care

Another benefit of remote working is that it enables parents to take their children to and from school as they don’t have to be in the office to complete their work. They are able to work at home before and after picking them up should they need to. This helps parents to complete their work whilst relieving the reliance on child care.

    We are IT specialists based in Manchester, offering innovative Cloud computing and cyber security solutions as well as IT support.

    Here at Venom IT, we specialise in helping Businesses save time and money with all of their IT needs. We provide 24/7 IT support to our clients, attending to their issues immediately to mitigate disruption.

    We offer an extensive range of Cloud computing services, including hosted desktops, hosted Citrix, Internet filtering, remote working, hosted Microsoft Exchange email, disaster recovery and web hosting. We set up and implement our systems to ensure that anyone, from the most tech-savvy to the least, can enjoy the benefits.

    We also provide complete all round network security solutions. We put in place a number of security measures, including Virus and Malware protection, email filtering and security patching to ensure the protection of our client’s networks and systems.

    Venom IT is a trusted Microsoft silver partner and we are Cyber Essentials accredited, ensuring that our services are totally secure. We offer a complete IT service for Businesses of any size so there’s no need for more than one point of contact – when it comes to IT, we do it all.

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