Is your Wi-Fi Connection being Hacked?

Written by Jonathan Hunt

13 Jun, 2019

Ensure that your network is safe by thoroughly checking if someone is hacking your Wi-Fi connection. One of the major things that you have to habitually check is the security of your internet. When someone successfully hacks your Wi-Fi, you are not just letting them use your connection to browse their favourite websites or check their social media accounts; there’s also a high chance you are sharing your important files with them, especially sensitive ones, depending on what security measure you’re using. You are making yourself vulnerable to a stranger; you might be surprised one day that those important files are shared to the public.

The Risks of a Hacked Wi-Fi Connection

A hacker can also unlawful things using your connection – like uploading pirated movies, hacking someone else’s financial records, and many other. The authorities will track your home, not the hackers. You won’t know that someone’s doing it until policemen knock on your door. Additionally, if someone else is using your internet connection, there’s also a high chance you’ll experience slow speed – downloading files or simply browsing your favourite website may take a lot of minutes. You are surely not getting your money’s worth if someone else is using it for free, without your permission.  

How to check if your Internet is hacked?

If your internet connection randomly slows down, especially during at night, the possibility that someone else is using it without your permission is high. There are many ways to check whether someone else is using your internet connection without your permission. First, test the speed to see if it matches what you are paying for. You can use several apps or websites that verify ping, upload and download speed, such as This will help you assess the performance of your connection, and see whether it’s still within the given speed of your chosen plan. Second, turn off your internet and listen if someone shouts. Kidding! Check your router’s administrative console. You can access it by logging in to your router’s IP. If you do not know what your IP is, you can check it using the command prompt. Once opened, type ipconfig and it will show you the “Default Gateway” IP address. You can log in by using “admin” and “password” on the login information. Now that you are in, view the list of all the connected gadgets. Count the number and check the IP or MAC addresses to see whether someone unknown is connected. Kick those you do not recognise and change your Wi-Fi password immediately.

Beefing Up your Wi-Fi Security

In order to prevent moochers from using your Wi-Fi connection, here are some important things you have to do: • Change Password. Strengthening your security must be immediately done. Preferably, use WPA2 with a sophisticated password that cannot be easily deciphered. Avoid using your name, birthday, favourite colour or anything that tells something about yourself. There are several password generators or you can make your own by using random letters (lowercase and uppercase), numbers and characters. • Change Console Login Details. Like what has been mentioned earlier, the default login details of your console is “admin” and “password.” Change it immediately before the moocher does. Remember, delaying the update will make you vulnerable to Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks. • Update Wi-Fi Encryption and Firmware. It is also essential to use the latest Wi-Fi encryption. If what you are currently using supports just WEP and WPA, it’s time to update it and consider the adaptation of WPA2, which is the safest among other securities. Also, don’t forget to update your firmware as failure to do so will make you more vulnerable, especially when hackers have successfully penetrated the current one you are using. Updates basically secure and solve the mishaps the previous one has inflicted.

Venom IT – Network Security

If you are unsure how to keep your Wi-Fi connection secured from perpetrators, let Venom IT help you. Our team can thoroughly set up your router to ensure that no one can get a free internet connection at your expense, without your consent. Get your money’s worth. You’re paying for the connection, you must always make sure that no one’s taking advantage of it due to its vulnerability.