VoIP Phone Installation

Say Goodbye to Expensive Phone Bills with VoIP.

Make Calls to Clients Without Enduring High Costs

Voice over Internet Protocol, popularly known as VoIP makes audio-communication over the internet possible.

VoIP increases your flexibility and mobility whilst mitigating the costs of expensive phone calls. In essence, VoIP will allow you to make calls using your computer to clients both at home and abroad without enduring high costs.

If you do the majority of your business over the phone, it’s easy to run up large bills, especially if you have a lot of clients in foreign countries. However, Venom IT can install VoIP for you so you can make these calls without the expense, resulting in potentially huge savings for your Business.

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VoIP Installation

Features of VoIP

As well as the costs savings, there are also many other benefits of using VoIP. Below are three features of VoIP:

Call Anonymously

VoIP enables you to call anonymously if you wish, ensuring that you’re not pestered with future sales calls from companies that trap inbound call data.

Make Calls from Anywhere

You are also able to make calls from wherever you are to anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Conduct Business Meetings with Clients from Across the World

You can conduct business meetings with potential and existing clients from all around the world over VoIP, meaning you no longer have to travel long distances, giving you more time to focus on your Business.

    Choice of Providers

    At Venom IT we are not tied down to one particular VoIP provider; this enables us to set up the most relevant provider and solution for you.

    Expert Advice and Experience

    We have years of experience with VoIP and our technical team can provide you with expert advice and guide you to making the most of the many benefits.


    We offer VoIP at an extremely competitive price. If you'd like more information on our pricing, please fill out our contact or email sales@venomit.com.

    Software Integration

    We will integrate software programs to give you the capability to access other applications and use the internet whilst having telephone conversations. This will help you and your employees to multi-task without interruptions.

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