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How to take your business’ communication methods into the 21st Century.

They say “Talk is Cheap”. Well, that depends on who’s paying the bill, right?

While it’s always important to ensure that bills are kept as low as possible for any organisation, it’s especially crucial when multiple people are involved in making outbound calls. Even more so, if you conduct business extensively over the phone, for both local and international clients.

With sales, it’s not just about what you say; it’s equally important what doesn’t get said.

Lost sales can be directly attributed to lost calls. On the other hand, lost calls can be attributed to lack of capacity to take inbound calls when lines are tied up or everyone is busy or away. Lastly, loss of opportunities arise when the technology is available but not used, which is a cardinal business sin.

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The Power of Networking.

Having multiple people communicating at the same time opens up dimensions to your business communications that you have probably never thought of.

Consider the costs of traditional meetings with time, travel, accommodation, delays - all completely redundant now.

Call From Anywhere You Want.

Forget walking around your home or office being strangled by a length of cord or wondering if your cordless phone signal will reach to the carpark. As long as you have an internet connection, you can call people from anywhere you want.

Whilst that itself is liberating when you think about it and means that you can send and receive your calls – with all the functionality of a traditional PBX, yet via your PC or even a smart device.

Business Productivity.

When it comes to VoIP, Saving money isn’t just limited to cheap (or free) calls. It’s about saving you time and getting more business done, more efficiently than ever before.

As you’ll see below, Venom IT provides VoIP solutions with a number of different providers and so we’re not biased towards any particular company.

So let’s just look at some of the benefits available to your organisation when you ask us to give you a range of different VoIP options.

National Number, International Calling

As well as being able to choose which “location” you wish to appear to be dialing from, once again you can take or make calls from Dubai whilst apparently coming from Mumbai or Cardiff, or by the riverbank during your lunch break fishing.

Ring Anonymously.

Whether you simply want to check your competitor’s details or ensure that you’re not pestered with future sales calls from companies that trap inbound call data, calling anonymously can have its advantages. After all, business is business and you need to protect yourself whenever needed.

Conversely, you can, of course, block inbound calls from anonymous callers as well, if you wish so.


So Much More Than Just ‘Sound’.

Imagine trying to explain a surround-sound cinema to someone who’s never been exposed to anything other than a wireless radio set from say 1920.

Letting them know that “It’s a different experience” simply doesn’t do it justice, does it? Well, explaining all the benefits of VoIP when compared to a simple phone system offers a similar challenge.

  • Video conferencing.
  • Tracking of people’s online status.
  • Sharing documents in real-time.
  • Instant, in-call text messaging.
  • Rich-text media.

So What Now?

Suffice to say, for now, that you can have multi-modal, multi-person, and multi-tasking abilities like never before for your entire network. Just imagine the possibilities!

Trying to list all the features of a managed VoIP service without providing a real demonstration to give them context would be unfair.

So let Venom IT, your trusted IT company, offer you a free demonstration (either online or at our offices) and show you how the power of a landline VoIP can make your company more profitable. Remember, we’re completely manufacturer-agnostic, so you can be sure you’ll get impartial advice about which VoIP service to choose, even if we’re enthusiastic about the technology itself.

Frequently Asked Questions.


How will you guarantee that my data in the cloud is secured?

Venom IT uses a 2048-bit encryption in our cloud hosting to attest that your sensitive data are safe from potential hackers. This also guarantees you that all information can never be decoded and viewed by unauthorised users.


What does VoIP Stand for?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s an incredible technology that will truly get your business ahead in the cloud.


What if there are problems with my computer system or website server?

If in case a problem arises, rest assured that Venom IT’s knowledgeable computer consultants can attend to your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

This will ensure that your business is not affected that might result to affected ROI. Take advantage of our 24/7 IT support now!


What assurance do I get if I hire Venom IT?

We have gone through rigid assessment in order to become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. One area that we had to secure is our IT consultants’ proficiency to deliver high-quality services.

We have qualified Microsoft Certified Trainers who have passed the licensing overview assessment, and sales and marketing assessments.

With all these qualifications, you are guaranteed that you are handling your business to a reputable IT company.

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