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What are Preventative Services in Cyber Security?

Just as in medicine, cyber threat prevention is better than cure. A vigilant approach to cybercrime prevention can keep would-be hackers from gaining access to sensitive data or maliciously encrypting files as part of a ransomware attack.

Preventing cyber security attacks is not easy. New exploits and vulnerabilities emerge all the time, and cyber security prevention is a race between criminals and ‘ethical hackers’ whose goal is to identify weaknesses so that they can be proactively patched.

Venom IT’s cyber attack prevention services form part of our Managed Cyber Security solution, and can be accessed by businesses through a flexible and convenient SECaaS (Security as a Service) subscription.

What are the different types of prevention?

Cyber threat prevention depends on several layers of proactive measures aimed at preventing cyber security attacks.

These include:

  • Secure configuration of network hardware and endpoints
  • Network perimeter security (e.g. firewall and port blocking)
  • Adequate user access control and identity protection
  • Malware/virus monitoring and responsive protection
  • Vulnerability testing, penetration testing and patches

An ongoing approach to cyber security prevention involves finding zero-day vulnerabilities – new weaknesses that could be used by a hacker to enter your network via the back door – and installing patches that close these programming loopholes before they are exploited.

What does a cyber security service provider do?

As a SECaaS cyber security service provider, Venom IT adopt a comprehensive cybercrime prevention plan.

We verify user identity and access, filter out unauthorised connections, block malicious content from entering your network, and test new security controls on an ongoing basis.

The cloud model of our SECaaS cyber attack prevention service means you benefit from ever-evolving protection, giving you state-of-the-art safeguards to keep your organisation a step ahead of the hackers.

How do cyber threat prevention services help my business?

Cyber attack prevention helps your business in mission-critical ways:

Prevent Downtime

Keep critical business networks available and protect data against malicious encryption, ransomware attacks and other exploits.

Reduce Costs

Vigilant cybercrime prevention reduces the cost of responding and repairing in the event of an attack, by ensuring malware does not take hold of your network.

Improve Compliance

Avoid enforcement action from data commissioners by protecting individually identifiable data against leaks and theft.

How high is the cyber threat risk?

Preventing cyber security attacks is an existential issue for many businesses. High-profile ransomware attacks in recent years demonstrate that even big brands are not immune to cybercrime and can experience protracted downtime following a successful exploit.

UK Government research shows that in 2022-23, one in three businesses (32%) experienced a cyber attack or breach in the previous 12 months, rising to three in five (59%) medium-sized businesses and nearly seven in ten (69%) large businesses.

Just one in five (21%) businesses of all sizes have a formal cyber incident response plan in place, highlighting the need to prevent cyber attacks in the absence of a plan for how to respond.

Venom IT provide comprehensive cyber attack prevention, detection and recovery services as part of our flexible subscription-based SECaaS model – contact us today to find out more.