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Say goodbye to expensive phone bills with cost-effective calling using our VoIP phone systems.

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Make calls to clients without enduring high costs

Voice over Internet Protocol, popularly known as VoIP or Hosted Telephony makes audio-communication over the Internet possible.

The analogue phone switch-off is planned from 2020, therefore business must seek alternative solutions, such as VoIP.

VoIP increases your flexibility and mobility whilst mitigating the costs of expensive phone calls. In essence, VoIP will allow you to make calls using any device connected to the Internet to clients both at home and abroad without enduring high costs.

If you do the majority of your business over the phone, it’s easy to run up large bills, especially if you have a lot of clients in abroad. However, Venom IT can install VoIP for you so you can make these calls without the expense of traditional calling, resulting in potentially huge savings for your business.

Experience the Benefits of VoIP Phone

  • Cost Effective:

    Say goodbye to expensive phone bills with VoIP. The reason being that it carries a digital signal as opposed to the traditional analogue system. 

  • Call Anonymously:

    VoIP enables you to call anonymously if you wish, ensuring that you’re not pestered with future sales calls from companies that trap inbound call data.

  • Flexible:

    With VoIP, phone sets can be moved around by simply unplugging them from the current network port and plugging them into a new one. What’s more, the phone number stays the same, along with all numbers stored on the device.

  • Conduct Business Globally:

    With VoIP international bundles you can conduct business with potential and existing clients from all around the world at a very low cost. Internal calls are always free, even to geographically separate offices. 


Cut Costs With VoIP Phone

Business can expect to save somewhere between 45%-75% when they switch to using VoIP phone from Venom IT instead of conventional phone services. 

Why Business Leaders Trust Us With Their Data

Venom IT are always a pleasure to work with; we were amazed just how easily they migrated all of our systems and we were especially impressed with the seamless transfer of the TSS software and our data which was completed without any issues.

Richard Butler, MD

Technical & Event Services

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