Venom IT is Cyber Essentials Certified

Written by Jonathan Hunt

5 Jul, 2017

Venom IT is Cyber Essentials certified. Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme, which identifies security controls an organisation must have in place to defend against Internet threats. The Cyber Essentials accreditation demonstrates that we have the correct measures in place to ensure the security of our systems. In order to gain the certification, we were assessed on several key controls including boundary firewalls, secure configuration, user access control, malware protection and patch management. Steven Powell, Managing Director of Venom IT, spoke of the importance of the certification. He said: “As cyber security specialists, we felt it was important to add Cyber Essentials to our list of existing accreditations. Being Cyber Essentials certified demonstrates that our solutions have been tested against the highest security standards.” With the upcoming introduction of the GDPR, it’s now more important than ever to put procedures in place to protect your data from cyber threats. 1 in 4 Businesses experienced a cyber-attack last year and the number of viruses and malware in existence is only increasing; according to a Panda Labs report, 18 million new malware samples were captured in Q3 of last year alone. In light of this, we are able to implement a wide range of security measures to protect your data.

How can Venom IT Protect you from Cyber-Attacks?

Our network security solutions will protect your networks against attacks. We will filter out unpermitted access and malicious content and monitor and test your security controls. Below are 7 ways we will protect you from cyber-attacks: Virus and Malware protection – We will put in place a relevant policy to protect you from malware and viruses. We will introduce anti-malware defences and scan for viruses across your Company. Email Filtering – With our filtering service, you won’t have to worry about opening suspicious emails; we will filter and eliminate anything harmful straight away. Monitoring – We will put in a strategy to constantly monitor all of your IT systems and networks. This allows us to analyse the logs for any suspicious activity. Penetration testing – We will thoroughly test your computer network, checking for any vulnerabilities a hacker could exploit. Security Patching – We will apply security patches and maintain a secure configuration of your IT systems at all times. Business continuity planning – We will establish a disaster recovery plan and provide you with the best software, hardware and infrastructure to help you ensure the continuity of your Business. User Education – We will provide regular advice on the measures you and your employees can take to keep your systems secure. We will work with you to produce user security policies to educate your employees on safe use of the Company’s systems. If you require any help with your network security or would like advice on how to become Cyber Essentials certified, Contact us today.