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The importance of a backup (BaaS)

Backups are everywhere, in both your work life and your personal life. In your personal life, you most likely have your life documented in photographs and videos of you, friends and family. Imagine, you wake up one day and everything has been deleted, years of your memory erased due to a malfunction on your phone. Not even worth thinking about, is it? well, the same thing can be applied to your work life. whether you own a business or simply just work for one.

What is a Backup?

A backup is taking all your data and downloading it to another area that you can access should your primary storage unit fail. Photos, Videos, Client data and documents are some examples of data you want to protect. There are many different types of data backups. If you have an iPhone you may buy into the iCloud which automatically syncs your data in the cloud, or if you have a laptop you can backup your data onto this. other options include USB sticks, solid-state drives (SSD) or external hard drives.

What are the threats to my data?

There are many different reasons why you should have a good, reliable backup. The main ‘disasters’ include:

  • Operational Failures
    • Power failures
    • IT hardware failure
    • Network failure
    • IT software failure
  • Natural disasters
    • Hurricane
    • Flood
    • Fire
    • Earthquake
  • Human-Caused
    • Human error
    • Malicious outsider
    • Malicious insider


For a company losing data can be devastating, especially if this data is client-based. One of the worst things that can happen to a company is a Ransomeware attack. A Ransomware hacker basically locks all your data and issues you with a Ransome to pay to unlock it, sometimes even if you pay they still don’t. Furthermore, there has been an alarming increase in Ransomeware attacks. The world saw an over 105% increase in Ransomeware attacks in 2021 alone. And what’s the best defence for a Ransomeware attack? A reliable Backup.

How do you get a reliable backup?

You can do it yourself by uploading everything to a cloud-hosted server but this takes a great amount of manpower and is not cost-effective, buying a server rather than using a third party who would use the space in a server would be overkill.

The best effort would be to involve a CSP company such as VenomIT, not only would they be more cost-effective and be able to set up without disrupting any of your business’s normal working day but you also get an abundance of other features such as incredible protection against viruses and hackers firewalls and antivirus, but the most important of all is Failover.

Failover is something CSPs should be doing as standard, they have multiple passive servers which are linked to active servers, usually in a different datacentre, and should disaster strike the servers such as storms, floods, viruses etc, then they turn the passive servers on and transfer your company to these servers which already host all your up-to-date data and services and you wouldn’t even know its happened.

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