GDPR fine

The Importance of Antivirus for Businesses and Individuals

Everyone needs to protect their system and one way to do it is by having a reliable antivirus software installed. Today, with all the cyber attacks occurring, people understand the importance of an antivirus to keep their digital lives safe from potential dangers. Unfortunately, some who are less mindful of how they must use their computer skip […]

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Is your Organisation Ready for the GDPR and the Data Protection Bill?

Digital Minister Matt Hancock has announced that the UK will be implementing a new Data Protection Bill that will comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With the introduction of the GDPR just under 8 months away, you may be worried as to whether your Organisation will be in a position to comply. […]

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Damage To Your Reputation Could Be More Costly Than The GDPR Fines

As the introduction of the GDPR draws ever closer, much has been made of the heavy fines for non-compliance. Failure to prevent a cyber attack that leads to data loss could now see your company fined either up to 4% of its annual turnover or £17 million, depending on which figure is higher. Although the […]

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