What happens if the server hardware fails? How will I know if there’s a problem?

Written by Jonathan Hunt

11 Dec, 2018

Let’s say that two people can carry one telephone pole. If one of them tripped, the work would stop. Now imagine twenty people carrying a bundle of ten telephone poles. If one of the people trips and falls, the other nineteen can easily carry on while the person who tripped gets back up and re-joins the ranks. That is the difference between having your own server and having a hosted cloud server.

A hosted server is a virtual machine, and the workload of creating all these virtual machines is spread over several arrays of physical servers, called ‘cabinets’. In the event of one of these physical servers failing, the other servers will simply pick up the slack and continue as normal. This is called ‘failover’. Our data centre is monitored 24-7-365, which means that even the tiniest of problems are immediately taken note of and addressed in order to provide continuity of service.

On your side, there will be no difference whatsoever to the performance of your virtual server, even though, behind the scenes, we will be hard at work repairing the broken physical server. That is the true magic of Cloud Computing.