So, how does it work?

Written by Jonathan Hunt

11 Dec, 2018

Firstly, after sign-up, you will need to install special software on your machine to enable the auto-backup feature. This is quite easy and we can also talk you through it over the phone.
Next, a full backup of all the files that you want to be securely backed up will be created. This could take some time as well as a fair amount of bandwidth, depending on the amount and type of data.
After that, only the changes that you make will be added to your backed-up data. In the event of accidental or malicious changes to the data on your physical machine on which the data resides, we can easily roll back those changes to the versions of data that existed just before the event. In plain English – if your office machines get hacked, and some of your files get deleted or altered, these changes will be saved by the backup program, but we can easily reverse these changes and restore your data to its former, correct state, because we keep backups of the backups.