My antivirus software already has content filtering – surely that’s good enough?

Written by Jonathan Hunt

12 Dec, 2018

There are several additional functions of our Internet Filtering service that could be very useful to your business – functions that are usually not provided by off-the-shelf antivirus software. With our Internet Filtering service, in addition to the usual Content Filtering, you can:

  • Monitor and control the Internet usage of each individual employee. This is not spying, but sensible management of resources (time and bandwidth) that you pay for. This also means you can allow the free flow of ideas and collaboration, whilst limiting time-wasting activities that would otherwise go unchecked.
  • Filter out certain sites that are visited too often, during work time, such as social media sites
    Block media streaming (for both productivity and security reasons)
  • Proactively block compromised or fake websites that contain harmful viruses or other security risks
  • Monitor web traffic and downloads (again, for both productivity and security reasons)