Isn’t it better to keep my email and messaging service in-house and on-site?

Written by Jonathan Hunt

11 Dec, 2018

Do you have round-the-clock security guards who protect your data centre? Venom IT does.
What encryption level does your server use? 256-bit? 512-bit? Our servers at Venom IT use 2048-bit encryption, which is considered fit for military purposes.
What security rating does your data centre have? No Security rating? IL1? IL2? Venom IT data centres are rated as IL4, which is considered fit for banking purposes.
Additionally, consider the fact that we have a dedicated team of experts, which means we can react faster to cyber threats and recover disasters more quickly.
When it comes to controlling critical business elements such as user accounts, quotas and folder management, however, you are still at the helm with our intuitive web-based control panel. When it comes to the boring-but-important geek stuff, we take care of patching, security and backups, leaving your hands free to focus on what you do best.