I already have a free personal Skype account. Why should I get another one?

Written by Jonathan Hunt

12 Dec, 2018

Firstly, Skype for Business (previously called Lync) provides a separation between family life and work. Secondly, Skype for Business offers more features, specific to business use. These include:

  • Cost saving – the most obvious reason to switch to Skype for Business is that you can make Skype-to-Skype calls to anyone anywhere in the world for free, or at greatly reduced cost if they are using other internet platforms or ordinary landlines; all you pay is a flat rate per user, and the small additional cost when phoning landlines.
  • Skype for Business syncs with other MS Office products – you can for instance book meetings or group calls in advance, using Outlook. If you have another meeting scheduled on Outlook, Skype can be set to automatically show you as busy or unavailable should someone try to call you during that time.
  • Virtually meet with up to 250 people – yes, 250! Share documents, pictures etc while conducting meetings with people from anywhere else in the world. In addition to this, meetings can be broadcast to up to 10 000 users, meaning you can stream audio, video, and PowerPoint presentations, track sentiment and enable third parties to add audience polling, formal Q&A, and other functionality
  • Flexibility – stay in touch with your staff no matter where they are. Staff can freely roam within the office and not be tethered to a desk or a specific phone. Calls can also be delegated, meaning your assistant can handle calls that you are too busy to take.

*All parties to the call need to be on Skype for Business or the free version of Skype.