How reliable is VoIP? What happens if the power goes out?

Written by Jonathan Hunt

11 Dec, 2018

In general, VoIP is very reliable as long as certain criteria are met:

  • Sufficient bandwidth and Internet speed
  • Correct equipment (we will assist you with that)
  • Not too many users crowded onto too small an infrastructure. Different VoIP routers can handle different workloads. Here too, we will advise you of what’s the best option for your business, taking into account your internet speed and the number of users
  • For multiple users, the VoIP system should ideally have its own, separate Internet connection, rather than sharing the same Internet connection that you use for emails, browsing etc.
  • A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to supply continuous electrical power to the VoIP router in your office in case of power outages. You should, by virtue of good office practice, have a UPS anyway.