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Venom IT’s hosted servers are dynamically and uniquely built to handle as much traffic as your website can attract.
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Adaptable Hosted Servers

Above all: strong, customised and
secure hosted servers
that keep on evolving.

Custom solutions for server hosting

Many hosting companies offer a range of set packages. That’s fine if you want an ‘off the shelf’ solution but here at Venom IT, we think big. When it comes to our servers, we’ll tell you what we believe is best to help your business achieve its ambitious goals. This vision is what helps us deliver the best hosted server solutions to support our clients.

If your website receives a large amount of traffic, you’ll need a reliable and powerful hosted server that can also handle the volume. We can also provide you with responsive web server support which has all the CPU, RAM and disk space you require. You will get exclusive use of the resources of the server which we will build and maintain for you, saving you the expense of purchasing your own.

Venom IT can customise a dedicated server hosting support package according to your specific requirements. We use Linux web-hosted servers, which are the most common web servers in the world because of their robustness and stability. Should you require a different option, however, we also offer other types of servers including Windows.

Venom’s hosted servers are built to last. They are fully managed, reliable, secure and can handle a lot of traffic. We go even further to secure data belonging to you and your clients. Everything is also stored inside UK data centres with ISO 9001, 27001, 27017 and 27018 accreditation. Further protection is also offered with a 7-layer firewall and world-class, military-grade 2048-bit encryption. In short, you have the power: the only people who can access your data are the ones you allow.






World-class protection for your critical data

Our customers’ data is at the heart of everything we do. We store everything in a Tier 3 (Military Grade) and Tier 2 data centre. Exceptional systems and procedures are in place so that you can quickly access crucial data without compromising its security. With our ISO 9001, 27001 & 27017 accreditations, you can be certain that your data is in the safest of hands.

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Our servers evolve with your company, allowing you to effortlessly add space when needed

When you’re ready to upgrade your hosted servers, our expert technical support will be on hand to help. As your business expands, we can increase your data storage and performance requirements at a moment’s notice, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Build a Venom IT Hosted Server that fits your needs exactly

Hosting your own servers has several drawbacks. Not only are you risking your own data being. corrupted or lost, as well as your client’s data, you are also likely to spend more than you need to. For example, it’s common for a business to buy a full server and only use about 20%. We can design a custom solution to handle your data hosting, meaning you only pay for the server space that you use.

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A host of server solutions to fit your business needs

Whether you know exactly what your business needs or not, Venom can offer you a dedicated server range that will drive your business forward. We can help you with a wide range of hosting queries, from SSD storage, to SSL certificates, or SQL servers.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How long before I can use my new cloud-hosted server?

Usually, one working day. There are factors such as custom configurations, add-ons or additional applications that could take a bit longer.

What happens if my server runs out of resources? Can I upgrade?

Yes, absolutely. You can upgrade (or even downgrade) to another plan at any time.

How long do server upgrades take?

Since your server is a virtual machine that runs on a massive server network, we can upgrade it within minutes. Turnaround time is usually one working day or less, depending on workload and whether there are any additional requirements for your new server.

What happens if the server hardware fails? How will I know if there’s a problem?

Cloud-hosted servers are linked together in ‘clusters’ – a bit like a team of horses pulling a wagon. If one horse gets sick, it can be unhitched and the rest of the team are still strong enough to pull the wagon.

Similarly, if one physical server in a cluster fails, the other servers simply carry on providing the service. In fact, the clusters are set up in such a way that the servers can even switch themselves off during times of low demand, which helps us reduce our electricity consumption and carbon footprint.

A hosted server is a virtual machine and the computing power of creating all these virtual machines is spread over several physical server clusters. In the event of one of these physical servers failing, the other servers will simply pick up the slack and continue as normal. This is called ‘failover.’ Our data centres are monitored 24-7-365 which means that even the tiniest problems are immediately spotted and addressed in order to provide continuity of service.

How likely is it that my hosted server will fail?

We have three (3) main data centres, a bit like having 3 teams of horses pulling the same wagon. Wherever you are – in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales – we’ll replicate your data will and store it across 3 separate geographic locations in London, at Manchester Airport and in Salford. As a result, in the incredibly unlikely event of one or two entire data centres going down, the remaining ones will continue to provide service.

From your perspective, there will be no difference whatsoever to the performance of your virtual server, even though, behind the scenes, we will be hard at work repairing the broken physical server, cluster or data centre. That is the true magic of cloud computing.

Can I have root access to my server?

Yes and no. If required, you can have root access to your hosted server (i.e. your virtual machine). However, you can’t have root access to the bare metal physical servers, for the rather obvious security reason that they’re locked away in our secure data centre.

Whose responsibility is the server administration?

Our technicians here at Venom IT in Manchester will create your hosted virtual server, install the operating system, assign an IP address and hand it over to you. From that moment onwards, the server is yours. You will have full admin rights to do additional software installations, configurations etc. and responsibility for its administrations shifts to you.

If I break something, will you help me fix it?

Yes, of course. We can either do a roll back (at no charge) or provide you with tech support, per-hour.

Does my hosted server need a firewall? Is it included?

In short, the answer is ‘yes’ to both questions. Moreover, this assistance is free.

Should I get a dedicated server or a share server?

It depends largely on the workload you need it to handle. Shared hosting is cheaper but for a reason.

In contrast, dedicated hosted servers offer so much more:

  • First, they provide better performance;
  • Second, they offer better security;
  • Third, we can customise it;
  • Finally, you get full admin and control.
What’s included in my hosted server package?

Apart from the virtual server itself, you also get:

  • Internet connectivity to the server;
  • Firewall;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • 2 IP addresses, with additional IP addresses available upon request.
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