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Hosted Exchange

Enhance your e-mail facilities with Venom IT now. In addition, increase your productivity and security through Microsoft’s hosted exchange email solutions.
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Cost effective Hosted Exchange solutions

Above all, a first-class, secure and cost-effective Hosted Exchange solution.

Peace of Mind with Microsoft Exchange Hosted Exchange Solutions

Above all, Venom IT’s Hosted Exchange solution offers peace of mind that your emails receive world-class protection. Venom IT also provides email scanning, link checking, filtering and attachment sandboxing to ensure maximum security.

For business operations there is no question that Microsoft’s Exchange 2019 is the front runner in hosted exchange email solutions due to the limitless handling and storage capacity. Its lightweight sibling, 365 Mail does not have the handling capacity, storage capacity or archiving ability that Exchange has, nor does it come with support. All this makes Hosted Exchange email the of choice for larger businesses.

Partner with Venom, Manchester’s leading IT solutions experts and you also receive 24/7 support and protection from any threats. This also includes invasions in the form of scams, hacks, ransomware and everything in-between. You can also take your emails with you anywhere on any device and it simply synchronises across all your devices.






Superior storage, Archiving and Rollback

Hosted Exchange’s excellent versatility means we can set it up for what suits your needs best. For instance, this includes annual to indefinite archiving. Boasting a 100GB inbox and 40MB attachment size, you can therefore send even the largest of files worry-free. Plus, you can also comfortably store them.

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Advance and robust anti-spam and anti-virus solution for the digital age

With Venom’s Hosted Exchanges’ spam control measures, keep out the emails you don’t want. Put this together with Venom IT’s robust anti-virus and anti-spam software keeping out any malicious emails from reaching you. Ultimately, it really does make our Hosted Exchange solution an essential tool for any business.

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UK local data centres that comply with GDPR regulations

When you choose to partner with Venom, we guarantee your data sovereignty as well.

UK locations

Our data centres are right here in the UK – from Manchester to London. This makes it much easier to comply with the GDPR regulations as UK data needs to be held in the UK.

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Venom are here when you need them, on-hand 24/7

With decades of combined technical experience, Venom’s friendly and experienced technicians will be on hand 24/7 to give your business the help it needs. In addition, we provide an SLA of 2 hours. Therefore, you can depend on our team to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Microsoft Exchange?

MS Exchange is more than just email: It integrates apps like Outlook, messaging and other MS Office apps, whilst offering near-instantaneous syncing across all devices. In addition, since we hosted it off-site, Exchange email also offers exponentially better security.

What is the difference between 365 mail and Microsoft Exchange, and how do I choose between them?

Either form of email is great but each one has some unique advantages.

The comparison below shows Office (either 2016 or 2019) vs 365. Please bear in mind that the Office supplied by Venom IT is part of the hosted desktop service which gives you certain advantages over one-time purchased Office. For example, we offer indefinite archiving of all your emails and documents, full system rollback in case of disaster and full UK-based telephone support for the duration of your contract.

MS Exchange from Venom IT365 Mail
Full UK-based supportYesNo
SubscriptionMonth-to-month1 year
GDPR complianceAll data is UK-hosted and storedUnknown
Licence typeRentedRented
Automatic product upgradesAvailable on request at no chargeYes
Automatic security updatesYesYes
Automatic feature updatesNoYes
Email AliasesUnlimitedLimited
Mailbox size100GB50GB
Email Backup

  • 45-day full restore; 150-day recovery of deleted items

  • Unlimited archiving standard

  • Indefinite archiving

  • No native backup solution; 14-day recovery of deleted items

  • Limited archiving on most plans

  • Limited to 2-year retention

Does Venom IT offer an email migration service?

Yes. At a small, one-off fee of £13 per user, we can easily migrate all your old emails onto your new Microsoft hosted Exchange email services.

Why pay for Exchange? I get email for free elsewhere.

Of course, you do! Keep in mind though that there’s a reason why some email services are free. Here are a few questions to help you decide whether you should stay on a free service, or switch to hosting MS Exchange:

  • How many email users and accounts do you have? If there are 5 or more, you might want to consider MS Exchange – please read on.
  • Next, does your email provider offer free 24/7 UK-based, telephonic emergency support?
  • Do they offer free 9 am-5 pm UK-based, telephonic tech support?
  • Finally, does your current email provider offer 100Gb mailbox size?

You should also consider:

  • Exchange is a dedicated system rather than a shared system. Accordingly, it means changes you make instantaneously sync across all devices.
  • Exchange offers superior integration with other productivity tools such as email and messaging, calendars, MS Office apps and workflow automation.
  • Your data is exponentially safer due to stringent security measures and automated
  • Larger attachment size – with attachments of up to 40Mb, you can more easily send and receive important documents.

Predictable costs in simplistic IT environments mean you can focus on what you do best. Plus, you won’t worry about accidental IT events that could otherwise impede your business.

What’s the data cap on my MS Exchange mailbox?

MS Exchange 2013 offers 50Gb and MS Exchange 2016 and 2019 each offer 100Gb. Put that together with a limitless amount of older emails that you can archive indefinitely.

What happens if I go over my mailbox data cap?

In the unlikely event that you use up all 50Gb, you will have the option to upgrade to a 100Gb mailbox. Yet, in the even more unlikely event of using up your 100Gb allotment, we’ll ask you to archive some of your older emails.

Tip: Use your mailbox properly

In our experience, in the very few cases where people exceed their 100 Gb data limit, it’s often a result of using the mailbox incorrectly. Rather than emailing large documents to yourself for backup, invest in a proper, cloud backup system that automatically saves changes and can roll back accidental or malicious changes.

What’s the difference between Outlook for Exchange and Standard Outlook?

Standard Outlook connects to a POP3/ IMAP email account for a single user. Outlook for Exchange, on the other hand, allows for integration and teamwork. Accordingly, you can sync and share calendars with other people, create meetings, create and share public folders, contacts, tasks, memos etc.

How do your maintenance schedules affect me? Will I miss any emails?

Maintenance is usually scheduled for 11pm-4am, and you will be notified prior to that. During this time, you may lose access for brief periods. All incoming emails are diverted to our failover servers, which means you won’t lose any emails. However, there might be a slight delay before they appear in your inbox.

What is SharePoint, and do you offer it?

Yes. SharePoint is a collaboration tool that integrates with MS Office, and is mostly used for document sharing, management, remote access and storage. SharePoint can also be used for integration of other MS apps such as Skype for Business and MS Project, or even web building.

Isn’t it better to keep my email and messaging service in-house and on-site?

Do you have round-the-clock security guards who protect your data centre? Venom IT does.

Staying with security – it’s likely that your server uses a maximum of 512-bit encryption. On the other hand, our servers use 2048-bit encryption, which is considered fit for military use.

IL4 > IL2

In addition, if you checked the security rating for your data centre, you might be surprised to find it doesn’t have one at all, or is at best rated IL2. Venom IT data centres are rated IL4 according to the UK government’s standards, which means it is considered fit for banking purposes.

Additionally, consider the fact that we have a dedicated team of experts, which means we can react faster to cyber threats and recover disasters more quickly.

You remain in complete control of critical business elements such as user accounts, quotas and folder management, thanks to our intuitive web-based control panel. When it comes to the boring-but-important geek stuff, we take care of patching, security and backups – leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

What happens when I’m travelling and can’t get to my computer?

All “smart” mobile devices can easily connect to your email account, so you will never be out of touch. In most cases (very old tin boxes excluded) any device with internet connectivity can also access your email via the Microsoft Outlook Web app.

Apart from the costs advertised on the website, what else do I need to pay for?

Nothing. Your monthly subscription includes the initial setup, support, device integration and archiving.

I already have MS Exchange, but I want to migrate to Venom IT because your service is so awesome. How do I do that?

Firstly, thank you, but you forgot to mention we’re also cheaper. Secondly, once your order has been placed, one of our technicians will contact you and help you decide on a migration plan and schedule. From there on, you may sit back and relax (or carry on with your other work) because we’ll take care of everything.

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