Microsoft Announces New Skype for Business features

Written by Jonathan Hunt

16 Aug, 2019

Microsoft has recently announced new Skype for Business features. The new features have been added to make it “the backbone for enterprise voice and video meetings in Office 365,” according to Corporate Vice President Office 365 Marketing Ron Markezich.

Skype for Business: New Features

The company aims to beef up Skype for Business to ensure that they can deliver more business-like features on their phone and web conferencing services. The first feature is the Auto Attendant that sets automatic voice answers and routing of incoming calls in case of unavailability. Second is the Call Queues that direct calls to the next available customer support representative in the order received. For persistent callers, they can wait for the next customer service representative rather than dial the contact number over and over again. Users will also get a glimpse of the Skype for Business Call Analytics which identifies potential customer support issues that could affect or halt a business procedure. This data can assess the underlying pattern to see which area must be improved. Partners are also offered new meeting room solutions, as well as the Polycom RealConnect for Office 365, that will allow them to connect existing video conferencing devices to the Skype for Business Online meetings. Additionally, there’s also the new Crestron SR that they can integrate into their system to seamlessly conduct meetings using their AV and room control technology. The Crestron Skype Room System’s notable features include: – A touch controller to manage Skype Meetings – HDMI and Crestron DigitalMedia inputs and outputs – 6 USB ports that can connect various accessories such as speakers, cameras, and much more – Cresnet port to add an occupancy sensor for automation and room usage reporting Lastly, the Enghouse Interactive TouchPoint Attendant Console that is an efficient platform to help your receptionist or operator to handle customers better by providing relevant and updated information on a dashboard, integrated with Skype for Business.

Let Venom IT Set Up Skype for Business for you

The new Skype for Business features give the platform benefits that regular land-line systems simply don’t have. If you need an IT expert for your Skype for Business needs, let Venom IT walk you through the entire process. We can set it up and help you understand its features so you can take advantage of its full potential.