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Why is a Virtual Remote Desktop or Cloud Computing Better and Cheaper than a PC?

It’s time to virtualise your PC… and here’s why.

Why it's time to start using cloud computing.

The PC has traditionally been the work-horse of a company’s “white-collar” labour force. And they’ve come a long way.

However, they still suffer various flaws, such as:

  • Going wrong, occasionally.
  • Expensive and requires to be equipped with business software.
  • Continuous Backups and Maintenance.
  • Security Vulnerabilities.
  • Possible Obsolescence.

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Windows 7/8/10
Network Data Allowance25GB50GB25GB
Personal Data Allowance15GB20GB10GB
Free Remote App Server
Exchange 2016

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Desktop As a Service… "DaaS".

This is a new and progressive way to conduct your business. In much the same way that “Software as a Service” (i.e. SaaS) has revolutionised how companies can use their software; this enables you to re-think how you can use your hardware and get the best “bang for your business buck”.

When you start to think of your technology in this way, you’ll soon appreciate that you can harness all the power of computing in the cloud and leverage technology and software that would be well beyond the cost/reach of most businesses.Yet all you need is an inexpensive hardware to access it all.

Let’s explore some of the benefits…

  • Reliability. With typical ISP’s uptime measured well in excess of 99.9% these days, the fact is that your hosted desktop service is likely to be significantly more reliable than a stand-alone PC. Of course, if there is ever an issue, the desktop online can be rebooted and fixed far quicker and with more support than a PC in your business premises. Ultra-fast, new, remotely managed desktops are significantly more reliable than that box chugging away under your desk.

  • Security. 2048 bit encryption as standard. i.e. two to the power of 2048 … which is a very large number. To save you doing the number crunching, it’s been shown that standard computing power would take 4,294,967,296 x 1.5 million years to break the certificate.

  • Lower Costs. It would take a thesis from a business graduate to fully explain why the economies of scale, capital opportunity costs, downtime costs, batch-efficiencies and everything else contributes to making remote desktops cheaper than regular “old-fashioned” desktops. Put simply, the fact is that it costs you less money, which is good for your business.

  • Remote Working. The name says it all -you can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You don’t have to bring your PC around with you or even a laptop - other people can work on your virtual desktop as well.

  • Future-Proofing. You do not need to worry about the actual hardware or architecture becoming obsolete because it’s “automatically” upgraded for you. Additionally, interruptions, downtime or disposal of older equipment is well taken care of by the provider.Your kit is always the latest, so you’ll always be up to date.

  • Collaboration. By virtue of being hosted in the cloud, this naturally lends itself to collaboration from team members who are dispersed locally or even globally. The hosted Sharepoint environment enables seamless sharing of documents, therefore, increases teamwork and productivity.You already know the value of good teamwork. Now you can have better teamwork.

  • Less Carbon Footprint. It’s been shown that cloud services reduce your carbon footprint by over 90% for SME’s and over 30% for larger businesses. The reasons for this are many and varied, including redundancy of temperature-controlled dedicated server rooms to simply having less infrastructure taking up your office space.Save power, save money… and save the planet. (Worth mentioning on your website)

What Happens If You Get Disconnected?


When your connection is restored (typically just a few moments later) you’ll find everything as it was before the outage. Remember, all your work is backed up to the cloud, so whatever happens to your connection, your equipment, your staff, it’s still available on your remote desktop.

Is It Slow?

No. It’s very fast. Try it.

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Until you’ve seen how well a remote desktop works and let the benefits for your business sink in, you’ll never truly appreciate how powerful this way of working really is. So, give it a go with the UK's best hosted desktop provider - Venom IT.

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Frequently Asked Questions.


Why should we choose Venom IT?

Venom IT is a reputable IT consulting company that has been in the industry since 2009.

The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner which proves our highest level of competence and expertise with all Microsoft technologies and other managed services.


How will you guarantee that my data in the cloud is secured?

Venom IT uses a 2048-bit encryption in our cloud hosting to attest that your sensitive data are safe from potential hackers. This also guarantees you that all information can never be decoded and viewed by unauthorised users.


What if there are problems with my computer system or website server?

If in case a problem arises, rest assured that Venom IT’s knowledgeable computer consultants can attend to your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

This will ensure that your business is not affected that might result to affected ROI. Take advantage of our 24/7 IT support now!


What assurance do I get if I hire Venom IT?

We have gone through rigid assessment in order to become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. One area that we had to secure is our IT consultants’ proficiency to deliver high-quality services.

We have qualified Microsoft Certified Trainers who have passed the licensing overview assessment, and sales and marketing assessments.

With all these qualifications, you are guaranteed that you are handling your business to a reputable IT company.


Can I use a Microsoft Remote Desktop on a Mac?

RDP is the main way that people connect to their remote desktop on many devices, even on your mobile phone, so your Apple Mac is covered.

To find the newest version of RDP go to your devices app store (this doesn’t apply to Windows PCs):

We're Trusted by Thousands.

We have worked with Venom IT around 6 times over the last month and the level of skill, knowledge and quality of the work we’ve received has been outstanding.


Venom IT has been excellent and sorted out all my issues thoroughly and competently. I particularly appreciated him following everything up just as they promised.


We’ve have been quite demanding this week and you’ve dealt with the frustrations and difficulties very well. Thank You!


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