Ready For Remote Working?

Written by Jonathan Hunt

10 Mar, 2020

Updated 13th March 2020

Is your business ready for the Corona Virus outbreak?

The Corona Virus also known as COVID19, is a new flu type virus that is currently spreading throughout the world. Governments are working around the clock to try and limit exposure to its citizens and to protect the Economy which is proving to be a very difficult balancing act.

The UK Government has now began the “Delay Phase”.

The UK Government has been began the “Delay Phase” of its action plan to deal with the Corona Virus outbreak. The government is at this stage is being cautious in any roll out of Social Distancing strategies but have warned that this is very likely to change in the next few weeks.

Does your Business have a Business Continuity plan?

The Social Distancing strategy of the “Delay phase” could require Businesses to allow their workforce to work from home to limit exposure and spread of the Corona Virus. This is also crucial for businesses to be able to continue delivering services with as very little disruption as possible.

A Business Continuity plan may already be in place for some businesses but not all are prepared and meeting this requirement may be too difficult and costly for them to set up. This doesn’t need to be the case.

The solution? Hosted Desktop.

The Hosted Desktop would replicate your on-premise solution including data and applications, giving the users the ability to access their work anywhere in the world using any device that has an internet connection. This solution can be set-up quickly and securely by our expert technicians here at Venom IT.

The process for setting up a Hosted Desktop Service

  1. Initial Enquiry
  2. Consultation | Venom IT will contact you for a consultation
  3. Proposal | The proposal based on your consultation is provided to you for approval
  4. Build | Once approved, the Hosted Desktop is built
  5. Migration | Data migration is performed and the required Applications are installed
  6. UAT | You will be given access to perform a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) on the installation
  7. Go Live! | If you are happy with the set up then you’re good to go!

Setup in less than 5 days | Starting from £22 per user per month | First Month Free

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