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INFOGRAPHIC: On-Premise vs Cloud Contact Centre

INFOGRAPHIC: On Premise vs Cloud Contact Centre

So, there’s the infographic: be sure to click on it and download the entire graphic (it’s a PDF, just so you know). But we go the extra mile for you, too: we’ll give it all to you in words below.

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Head to Head: On-Premise vs Cloud Contact Centre


Cloud Contact Centre

Setup Time

  • 2-6 weeks.
  • Time-consuming setup of hardware and licensing.
  • Physical on-premise set-up.
  • 1-week.
  • Quick deployment with an out-of-box solution.
  • Online and video help.
  • Support from anywhere.


  • High up-front costs followed by a subscription.
  • Costly hardware, licensing and data storage.
  • Costly monthly fee.
  • Unknown future maintenance costs.
  • Generally, subscription-based (cost per user).
  • Less hardware costs esp. when going fully cloud-based.
  • SIP trunks 50% cheaper than traditional phone lines.
  • No international phone charges.


  • A PBX phone system with a limited amount internal and external lines.
  • Installation of a remote desktop can allow. administrators to manage an entire network from a single data centre.
  • Centralised phone systems have no need to touch physical end-points such as phones and computers.
  • Digital routing to interpret and direct inbound communications.
  • Agent tools including script assistance, call transfer and availabilities.
  • Interactive voice response and automatic call distribution.
  • Omnichannel touchpoints come as standard.


  • More hardware needed with growth.
  • Legacy hardware upgrades.
  • Expensive to maintain.
  • Easy to scale as the business grows.
  • New features and software upgrades with your provider.
  • Quick implementation for new starters.


  • Stable technology and clear call quality.
  • Reliant on maintenance of phone lines.
  • No issues with strong internet connections but call quality decreases on WIFI/4G.
  • Reliant on the internet.

Business Continuity

  • Agents cannot work remotely without a virtual remote desktop solution.
  • Expensive backup system.
  • Slow recovery process.
  • Deterioration of backup tapes.
  • Work from anywhere with a strong internet connection.
  • Cloud-based backup for a speedy recovery.
  • Immediately backed-up.


  • Limited integrations.
  • Generally, just an inbound and outbound line.
  • Option to implement a virtual desktop for further integrations.
Omnichannel services include:
  • SMS, video, webchat, social and WhatsApp touchpoints.
  • 3rd party integrations such as Salesforce and Office365.

I.T. Support

Business’s responsibility to manage:
  • Phone system
  • Hardware
  • Staff training
  • Upgrades
Vendor’s responsibility


  • In-house storage of data is often seen as the safest option.
  • Out of office devices would have to be geofenced for security.
  • On-cloud storage of data backed up by military-grade data centres.
  • Enterprise-level disaster recovery plans.

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