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9 Tips on Securing Your Devices

In the rather wacky 1993 film Benny & Joon,  Mary Stuart Masterson portrays the role of Joon who, apart from using the laundry iron to toast bread, insists on wearing a motorbike helmet whilst driving in the car. Similarly, cyber security can sometimes get a bit out of hand – security should not get in the way […]

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Which came first: the Chicken, the Egg or the Cloud? Understanding Failover.

Imagine you’re making a pie, and the recipe says you need 6 eggs. You happen to have a box with 6 eggs, but then you drop the box… This is where Failover comes in. Luckily for you, you have another box with 6 eggs – this means you can still make your pie. But what […]

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Accounting Practice To The Cloud

Most accounting firms have their run-of-the-mill issues such as finding the right staff, a decline in loyalty from clients, and downward pressure on how much you can charge for services. Add to this the growing threat of cyber crime (and of course accounting firms being prime targets for cyber criminals) and the accelerated pace of […]

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7 Great Benefits of Cloud Computing

Affordability First of all, money talks. Cloud services used to be much more expensive, and (going back to the ’80s) Mainframe, the precursor to Cloud, was something only FTSE 500 companies could afford; now even the smallest of startups can avail themselves of the benefits of Cloud computing. This is largely due to economies of […]

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Why are Law Firms Switching to Cloud?

Cloud has become the new buzzword, and with law firms required to have Cyber Essentials certification, many are turning to Cloud in the hopes of a quick fix. There are, however, a few important considerations to keep in mind before deciding on which Cloud services provider to go with, and which type of Cloud services […]

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