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Network Cabling.

Don’t settle on interrupted process of transferring files. Venom IT can help you fix your network cabling issues.

Why Would I Need Networking Cabling?

The physical network you use to communicate between different PCs, devices, phone-systems and the outside world is the “missing link” that many companies overlook, which is their big mistake.

It doesn’t matter how new your computer is. It’s irrelevant how fast your broadband provider promises you can surf. Your phone company can offer studio-quality audio. However, these do not mean anything unless the infrastructure you use to connect all your devices is secure, robust and reliable, everything else will grind to a halt.

Get in touch with Venom IT, a reputable IT company. We’ll organise a free consultation to discuss your networking needs. It’s important to get this right, so choose us for our experience and competence to do the job properly and leave the cowboys to your competitors.

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Your Communications Are Limited By Your Network.

You wouldn’t expect to take a high performance sports car and get optimum results whilst driving it over a bumpy minefield would you? Yet that’s pretty much what many businesses do when it comes to their networking and wonder why communications become slow, intermittent and sometimes go bang!

Issues can range from connectivity problems, bottlenecks, low speeds and “noise” at one end of the spectrum, all the way to security concerns until health and safety issues.

Being embarrassed while speaking to clients due to a noisy network, or paying double your wages bill, caused by slow IT/productivity issues, are major problems that require immediate solution. What’s worse? Being sued because you were hacked via an insecure WIFI or because someone hurt themselves with dodgy wiring or ethernet cabling. Don’t risk it.

Given that the network you use is so critical to the success of your business, isn’t it essential that this must be given the same consideration and investment as the rest of your IT infrastructure?

Design Your Network that will Grow With Your Business.

Whether you own a brewing business or a large corporation, appropriate network cabling should be among your top priorities. Network problems can affect your business operations that could affect your brand and sales.

Make the smart decision to invest in designing your network properly from the ground upwards and you’ll enjoy hassle-free communications and productivity in the years to come as you grow and develop.

Look at What Great Networking Can Provide.

When your networking is designed, installed and monitored properly, you can enjoy the following:

What's the Difference Between Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6?

Knowing the differences of various wires can be confusing, especially if you have no background about the necessary cabling procedures. To give you a brief idea, there are 2 common types of wires used - Category 5 cabling (Cat5), Category 5 enhanced cabling (Cat5e), and Category 6 cabling (Cat6).

Cat5 supports speeds of 10 to 100Mbps. If you do not need long wires, it is said that it can support gigabit speeds, however, it is not 100% guaranteed. This is an old type of cabling wire, therefore, you won’t see them much in stores.

Cat5e is basically an improvement of the Cat5. It supports as much as 1Gbps and eliminates chances of interference, giving you the best browsing experience, compared with the older version.

Cat6, the newest version, provides more benefits and improvements from the Cat5e. The new cable supports as much as 10Gbps, with the least possible interference. It is ideal for businesses, however, if you are just living in a small area, you won’t need much upgrade.

Start With the End in Mind.

It all starts with a plan. Proper planning and design is crucial to implementing an effective network for your business. Let us help you.

We’ll start by consulting with you to confirm your current situation and requirements.

We’ll then design the optimum solution for you and then deliver it with all the care and expertise you’d expect from one of the UK’s leading IT providers, Venom IT.

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