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INFOGRAPHIC: Three main cloud deployment models

Cloud computing refers to a collection of online services that offer businesses a cost-effective solution to increase their IT capacity and functionality. Businesses can choose what sort of cloud computing solution fits their needs. They can choose where, when and how they use cloud computing to ensure an efficient and reliable IT solution.

Here is an infographic to explain the three main cloud deployment models and the services that can be delivered by them.

An infographic to explain the three main cloud deployment models and the services that can be delivered by them.

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IaaS (Infrastructure as Service) Used by IT/network architects

The most common service model of cloud computing is IaaS. It offers the fundamental infrastructure of virtual servers, network, operating systems and data storage drives.

  • It allows for the flexibility, reliability and scalability that many businesses seek with the cloud
  • Removes the need for hardware in the office
  • Ideal for small and medium sized organisations looking for a cost-effective solution
  • IaaS is a fully outsourced pay-for-use service and is available as a public, private or hybrid infrastructure

Examples – AWS, Google Cloud VMWare

PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) Used by software developers

This is where cloud computing providers deploy the infrastructure and software framework, but businesses can develop and run their own applications:

  • Web applications can be created quickly and easily via PaaS, and the service is flexible and robust enough to support them.
  • PaaS solutions are scalable and ideal for business environments where multiple developers are working on a single project.
  • Used for situations where an existing data source (such as a CRM tool) needs to be used.

Examples – Azure, GitHub, Oracle

SaaS (Software as a Service) Used by end users

This cloud computing solution involves the deployment of software over the internet where customers access programs over the web, via a subscription or a pay-per-use model.

  • It is a valuable tool for CRM that need a lot of web or mobile access – such as mobile sales management software.
  • SaaS is managed from a central location so businesses don’t have to worry about maintaining it themselves
  • Ideal for short-term projects

Examples – SalesForce, Google Apps, Office 365

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