Why Should I Use a Secure Cloud Backup Service?

Issues such as hardware and software failure, hacking, viruses and staff errors all result in critical data loss which can be catastrophic for your business. It is therefore vital that you protect your data and your business with an encrypted cloud backup service.

When you use an off-site backup, you are saving your files securely in the Cloud. As a Cyber Essentials and ISO 9001 certified Microsoft partner, you can trust Venom IT to securely back-up your data; we use 2048 bit encryption, ensuring your files are totally safe. We will formulate a business continuity plan along with several other security measures to solidify your strategies and protect you against data loss.

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Benefits of Online Backup

Save Money

Backing up your data in the Cloud will save you money as you don’t need to purchase and run hardware such as tape drives and servers necessary to perform a physical back up.


Save Time

You no longer have to worry about saving, labelling and tracking your data as it is saved automatically, leaving you to focus on your work without the risk of data loss.


Secure your Data

Your data will be stored in the Cloud on our secure, encrypted servers, protecting you against threats such as hacking and viruses.


We Offer Reasonable Pricing For Online Backup

Hosted Backup Size50 GB250 GB500 GB1 TB2.5 TB
365 Days RetentionTickTickTickTickTick
Control PanelTickTickTickTickTick
2048 Bit EncryptionTickTickTickTickTick
Email AlertingTickTickTickTickTick
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We are IT specialists based in Manchester, offering innovative Cloud computing and cyber security solutions as well as IT support.

Here at Venom IT, we specialise in helping Businesses save time and money with all of their IT needs. We provide 24/7 IT support to our clients, attending to their issues immediately to mitigate disruption.

We offer an extensive range of Cloud computing services, including hosted desktops, hosted Citrix, Internet filtering, remote working, hosted Microsoft Exchange email, disaster recovery and web hosting. We set up and implement our systems to ensure that anyone, from the most tech-savvy to the least, can enjoy the benefits.

We also provide complete all round network security solutions. We put in place a number of security measures, including Virus and Malware protection, email filtering and security patching to ensure the protection of our client’s networks and systems.

Venom IT is a trusted Microsoft silver partner and we are Cyber Essentials accredited, ensuring that our services are totally secure. We offer a complete IT service for Businesses of any size so there’s no need for more than one point of contact – when it comes to IT, we do it all.

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Key Features of Online Backup Services With Venom IT


We will reliably secure your data with our 2048 Bit encrypted online Cloud backup service, mitigating any risk of data loss.


All the data you have stored can be accessed from anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection. On top of this, you'll no longer have to spend time each day physically backing up your data.

Ease of Recovery

If data is accidentally lost or deleted, the backup can simply be downloaded and restored.

Unlimited in size

We offer a variety of Cloud backup sizes, enabling us to provide you with as much or as little storage space as you require.

Syncing Data on Different Devices

Our Cloud backup services allow you to seamlessly sync your data across multiple devices.

Data Versioning

Want previous versions of your data? With our Cloud backup services, you’ll be able to restore your data to prior versions, rather than just having access to the most recent.

Secure Your Business Data With Venom IT's Encrypted Backup Software.

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Founded in 1997 and incorporated in 2005, Technical and Event Services Ltd (TES) specialises in hiring technical equipment for events throughout the UK and Europe. The Company is based across multiple sites in the South of England.

TES had several existing servers and systems which they wished to transfer to the Cloud. The Company were looking to save costs on both running and maintaining their physical hardware and required a flexible external hosted solution. TES needed a secure environment for users that was fully backed up and maintained and could be accessed across their multiple locations. In order to discuss their requirements in detail, the Company contacted Cloud solutions specialists Venom IT.