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Is Microsoft 365 Worth it for Small Businesses? Which Package is Right?

Productivity is an overarching goal for businesses of all sectors and sizes, but especially those with a smaller team who may not have the resources to hire countless employees. So, how can you improve collaboration and communication while keeping costs to a minimum? 

One of the easiest ways to boost efficiency across the board is by investing in a productivity suite. MS365 is a fantastic choice for small businesses, and in this article, we’ll explain why. 

An intro to Microsoft 365 for small businesses 

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite that offers tools like Teams, Excel, Word, SharePoint and more. This familiar software offers employees the flexibility to work from any device and location while ensuring the highest level of security. 

What does MS365 include?

Depending on the package you select, MS365 will include a varying range of features tailored to meet your bespoke needs. It’s designed to be scalable and flexible to the growing needs of your organisation, which makes MS365 ideal for a small business

Key features of Microsoft 365 

Some of the key features of Microsoft 365 include: 

  • Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote.  
  • Cloud storage. 
  • Integrated email and calendar service. 
  • Collaboration tools like SharePoint, Teams, and Yammer. 
  • Advanced security features such as Data Loss Prevention and Mobile Device Management.
  • Mobile access. 
  • AI-powered features, including Dictate, PowerPoint Designer, and MyAnalytics. 


Is it the same as Office 365?

No, Office 365 is a combination of cloud-based applications, whereas Microsoft 365 integrates the latter with Windows 10 (OS) and the Enterprise Mobility Suite. However, Office 365 has now been rebranded as Microsoft 365, and the same features are available with the basic subscription.   

Top 5 benefits of Microsoft 365 for small businesses

Organisations all around the world have chosen MS365 as their productivity software of choice. Here are five of the top benefits to consider: 

1 – Efficiency & Control

Above all, MS365 offers small businesses greater efficiency and control. Thanks to its wide range of productivity features, like calendars, email, and to-do lists; employees can perform their jobs with ease, stay organised, and remain on-task. Since Microsoft 365 is a centralised communication hub, your team will gain instant access to collaborative features that are designed to improve coordination and productivity. 

2 – Security & updates

Microsoft 365 is equipped with an array of built-in security features, like data encryption and two-factor authentication, which help organisations safeguard themselves from the risk of cybersecurity threats. Plus, all office applications are upgraded automatically which reduces the risk of experiencing software bugs and ensures your team always has access to the latest security updates. 

3 – Sharing & Access

One of the greatest selling points of Microsoft 365 for a small business is the sharing features of this cloud-based solution. With OneDrive and SharePoint, employees can seamlessly access and share documents from any device. This is a vital benefit for companies with a remote team or flexible work environment, as employees can have access to all their resources and tools despite being away from the office. 

4 – Price

Another benefit of MS365 is the monthly subscription fee. Small businesses can keep costs to a minimum since they only pay for what they need. The price will depend on the level of functionality and number of users required. Plus, if your business grows, you can easily add new members to your licence and upgrade to a higher tier of MS365. Given that Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution, you won’t have to worry about investing in additional hardware. 

5 – Support

Last but not least, MS365 helps small businesses better support their customers and employees. Moreover, organisations who subscribe to an MS365 support partner can take advantage of countless resources which help them get the best out of the software. With your subscription, you’ll gain access to training programs, community forums, 24/7 technical support, and extensive tutorials.

Which package is right for your business? 

Our customers often ask us, should SMEs use Microsoft 365? And, if so, which package is right for their business? In short, subscribing to MS365 can work wonders for a small business – you simply need to find a package that aligns with your organisation’s bespoke needs. 

The best part about it? Microsoft 365 is adaptable to the growing needs of your business. When you purchase MS365 from a managed IT Support provider, like Venom IT, you get additional technical support (at no extra cost). If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft 365 and how your small business could benefit, don’t hesitate to reach out.