The Importance of Antivirus for Businesses and Individuals

Written by Jonathan Hunt

16 Aug, 2019

Everyone needs to protect their system and one way to do it is by having a reliable antivirus software installed. Today, with all the cyber attacks occurring, people understand the importance of an antivirus to keep their digital lives safe from potential dangers. Unfortunately, some who are less mindful of how they must use their computer skip the idea, thinking that they are never susceptible to hackers as they do not really have something that others would like to have. They forget that there are bugs, worms, and other forms of viruses waiting to be deployed to inflict serious damages on anyone. Remember, hackers can take advantage of anyone’s vulnerability for their own benefit. But that must never be the case, especially for businesses. A business has to execute all necessary data protection as part of their continuity plan. An owner must stay ahead of the threat to avoid serious consequences.

The advantages of an antivirus software

An antivirus protects a device, such as computers and laptops, from malicious attacks and hackers. It does not only cleans viruses, it also serves as a protection to ensure that it won’t get in the system. Some of the renowned antiviruses include Avira, Norton, Avast, AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials. Each antivirus has its own features, but one thing is for sure – it shields you from cyber attacks that could lead to serious problems in the long run. Having an antivirus provides convenience and cost-efficiency as you do not need to hire a computer expert just to have a simple virus fixed. The antivirus automatically deletes a malicious file or put it in a quarantine before it imposes a serious damage to your computer. Additionally, your important data will be protected. Hackers won’t have the capability to access your important files, nor have these deleted when the virus has been successfully injected into your system.

The dangers of not having an antivirus

A virus can do a lot of things to a system. A few example includes:

  •    Slow computer performance
  •    Failure to boot up
  •    Damaged system parts
  •    Steal personal details
  •    Send out unauthorized messages

When one computer is infected, it is possible that other computers within the network get infected, too. When this happens, just imagine how much money you need to have the entire error fixed. Additionally, your tasks will pile up. Deleting the virus takes time and expertise, which means you have to divert your responsibilities rather than spending it on your normal duties, like executing social media strategies or handling your customer support. When data are corrupted, reconstructing all these can also be a very expensive expenditure. Just imagine how much money you will lose with all these hassles. You are also making your computer a good medium to cloak a hacker’s computer. He can do all the “dirty tactics” while pointing to your network. With that, you might be shocked when authorities knock on your door.

Secure an antivirus today

Antivirus software is not cheap, but neither is the cleanup process. Also, think about the damages that you will have to face if you skip the process. If your business doesn’t have an IT department that can handle these issues, hiring a reputable company that can do these procedures should be on your list of priorities. Venom IT has over 10 years of experience in cyber security and IT systems and can help you execute these safety protections to ensure that you won’t have to go through these issues again. Keep your security system up-to-date, not just to protect yourself but others as well.