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Frequently Asked Questions about Venom IT.

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Frequently Asked Questions.


How does you remote support work?

Whether your business is in Liverpool or London our IT support technicians will remotely assist you with any issue you throw at us. We use Bomgar for our remote support software and we suggest that you save connect.venomit.co.uk in your browser so that you’re ready for the code to get us connected to your computer.


I’m not sure if I would like Citrix Desktops, is there a trial I can use?

We have trial software that we operate under 30daycloudtrial.com which uses Citrix Reciever to connect to your hosted desktop.

To start your free trial click here and you’ll be using a virtual computer desktop in minutes!


My printer won’t print, help!

Make sure that your new printer is connected to your PC and make sure that it is set as default printer.

Go to the Start Menu > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Right click on the printer that you want to make default > Click “Set as Default Printer”.

If you’re using a Citrix desktop, please contact our support team on 0330 202 0220 and we’ll get the issue resolved ASAP.


Why is my computer restarting by itself?

You may of schedule your machine to restart after certain updates, this will usually happen on patch Tuesday (When Microsoft tends to release updates).

However, it may be the fact that your computer is overheating (this is sometimes known as thermal throttling), all you have to do is give it a clean. We recommend using compressed air, and please
do not
use a vacuum to clean your PC, this may create a static shock that will damage your computer beyond repair.


My Computer is running slow, what should I do?

This is a very common question, but here’s a quick checklist to go through to try and find the issue.

Is your hard drive full?

You may have not realised it but you may of used all the storage on your hard drive!

To check this go to This PC (Windows 10)/ My PC (Windows 8) / Computer (Windows 7) and have a look at how much storage you’ve got left.

Is your computer old?

Your PC may of been the super computer of the century in 2006 but technology has moved and more programs are using more and more power that your commuter just can’t handle. It may be time to upgrade,
click here
to find out the options you have.

Is your internet speed the issue?

In contrast to the point above, your computer maybe too
fast for your internet. For example, you may have a £1500 gaming rig that’s lighting quick until your open Internet Explorer with 2mb/s download speed which stops you in your tracks. For most personal use, 12 – 16mb/s will be absolutely fine for general task on the internet (going on Facebook and checking emails etc).

Do you have a virus?

Once in a while it’s a pretty good idea to run a virus scan on your machine to make sure that it’s clean from any malware and viruses that will slow down your computer.

Ring us for a discount on Bit Defender on
0330 202 0220


How do I change my password for Exchange?

Here are a few steps on how to change it.

1.First go to owa.myexchangeonline.co.uk and log in.

2. Go to the top right corner, click the cog and then click options.

3. Click General > My account > Change your Password.

4. Enter your current password and then enter your new one.

5. Click save and you’re done!.


How do I add my email to my iPhone?

Well it’s funny you asked, here’s a video tutorial just for that.


How will you guarantee that my data in the cloud is secured?

Venom IT uses a 2048-bit encryption in our cloud hosting to attest that your sensitive data are safe from potential hackers. This also guarantees you that all information can never be decoded and viewed by unauthorized users.


What if there are problems with my computer system or website server?

If in case a problem arises, rest assured that Venom IT’s knowledgeable computer consultants can attend to your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

This will ensure that your business is not affected that might result to affected ROI. Take advantage of our 24/7 IT support now!


What assurance do I get if I hire Venom IT?

We have gone through rigid assessment in order to become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. One area that we had to secure is our IT consultants’ proficiency to deliver high-quality services.

We have qualified Microsoft Certified Trainers who have passed the licensing overview assessment, and sales and marketing assessments.

With all these qualifications, you are guaranteed that you are handling your business to a reputable IT company.


Why should we choose Venom IT?

Venom IT is a reputable IT consulting company that has been in the industry since 2009.

The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner which proves our highest level of competence and expertise with all Microsoft technologies and other managed services.

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