What happens when I’m travelling and can’t get to my computer?

All “smart” mobile devices can easily connect to your hosted services, whether they be your virtual desktop or your hosted email account, so you will never be out of touch. In most cases (very old, tin boxes excluded) any device with Internet connectivity can also access your virtual machine as well as your email via […]

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Is a virtual, cloud-hosted desktop really more secure than having my own machines?

Yes! Your shiny new virtual machine is protected by round-the-clock security guards, and comes with military-grade encryption (2048-bit) and banking-level security (IL4)

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Is a virtual machine really faster than a physical machine?

Sometimes, yes, depending on the task and spec of the machine. The reasons why a cloud-based virtual machine is superior to a physical machine are its reliability, security and zero maintenance. Additional points in favour of using a VM rather than a physical machine are: no capital layout, space saving and a reduced need for […]

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