BaaS, Veeam Cloud Repositories and OwnCloud

What is OwnCloud?

OwnCloud is similar in function to DropBox, with the difference being that DropBox is hosted in various locations around the world and shared by many different companies, whereas each Venom-IT-hosted OwnCloud is dedicated to one company (hence the pun, “each company has its own cloud”) and is hosted in the UK – better from a […]

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What are Veeam Cloud Repositories?

VCRs are used to backup and restore entire machines, or specified disks/folders/files, whether the machines are virtual or physical.

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What is BaaS?

Backup as-a-service is one of the most popular cloud services on the market today. It makes sense to have a duplicate set of all your data securely stored off-site, yet within easy reach when disaster strikes.

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