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How To Ensure Your Disaster Recovery Policy Actually Works, When You Need It.

Assuming you have a disaster recovery policy in place*, how can you be sure it’s going to work when you need it? After all, it’s far too late when disaster has struck.

How Likely Will it Happen to Me?

Statistically, disaster (of one kind or another) will affect over half of small businesses at some point. Whether it be from natural disasters like fire or flood (26%) to more human-based issues (60%), the harsh reality is that 40% of those businesses that suffered a significant outage were closed for good within a year.

Let that last statistic sink in.

Their disaster recovery plans and backup infrastructure were ineffective and didn’t save them. Don’t make the same mistake. Let us help you ensure your disaster recovery actually works.

According to Karl Palachuk (author of ten books, and contributor to the Recovery Zone), the five main problems arising in clients disaster recovery plans are :

  • There is no plan
  • The plan is wrong or inadequate
  • The plan relies on the wrong technology
  • The plan is not properly tested
  • The plan has insufficient information management

*No disaster recovery plan? Request a callback before it's too late.

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Why Should I Choose Venom IT?

The reason Venom IT are your best choice to keep your business up and running is not just down to providing the best software, hardware and infrastructure that helps ensure your business continues to function after an outage.

Our difference is in knowing how to help our clients implement disaster recovery policies and business continuity plans together and ensuring that they are tested regularly and kept up to date.

Of course, robust procedures needs to be supported by robust hardware and infrastructure.

What are the facts?

Here are some reassuring facts about our own cloud-based solutions: (taken as per site)

So, what’s your free solution to ensure your disaster policy actually works when you need it?

Simple. Get in touch now via the contact form below and you’ll get a free copy of our helpful reference guide “Disaster Recovery Plans - Your Essential Guide” as well as the opportunity for a free review of your existing disaster recovery plan.

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