Secure Cloud Hosting for

Crest Medical Ltd

“Venom IT provided us with a perfect solution for our Business. The migration of our SAP operating system was handled perfectly and we are delighted with the benefits of switching to the Cloud.”

David Lawrence

Crest Medical

The Customer

Crest Medical has been a leading supplier of first aid, medical and pharmaceutical products in the UK for over 20 years. They provide an extensive list of products to occupational health and first aid professionals as well as the retail first aid market. The Company is based in Warrington and also has two other sites in Scotland and Milton Keynes.

Crest medical had several existing PC’s and servers that were at risk of failing and therefore needed upgrading. If a server were to fail, it would have taken a significant amount of time to get back up and running and the Company simply couldn’t afford this level of downtime. In order to alleviate this risk, Crest Medical decided they needed to move their physical hardware on to the Cloud; they required a secure hosted solution that would offer them flexibility and connectivity between the three locations. The Company contacted Cloud solutions specialists Venom IT in order to discuss their needs in more detail.

The Solution

After discussing the requirements, Venom IT produced a plan to upgrade Crest Medical’s systems and transfer them on to the Cloud. Venom IT migrated all of Crest medical’s data onto the Citrix Cloud and implemented a file server, an SQL server and a print server.

The next step was to transfer and host the Company’s SAP software. SAP is an operating system which is used by Crest Medical to manage various crucial aspects of their Business including the organisation of their warehouses. Venom IT were able to successfully migrate the software and host it securely and efficiently in the Citrix Cloud.

Venom IT then moved all of Crest Medical’s emails from their old exchange server and hosted them in Microsoft Exchange 2016. Once this was completed, 4 terminal servers were set up at Crest Medical’s main office and the other two sites in Scotland and Milton Keynes. This flexible solution allows the 3 sites to seamlessly connect and use the SAP operating system.

Venom IT successfully upgraded Crest Medical’s IT systems and provided them with a securely managed hosted solution. The work done by Venom IT has alleviated the risk of server failure and improved connectivity between Crest Medical’s three sites. Hosting in the Cloud has also saved Crest medical time and money as they no longer have to maintain and run physical hardware. On top of this, Venom IT have significantly improved the security and reliability of the Company’s systems. The transfer of the SAP software to the hosted desktop has helped Crest Medical to grow as a Business and they have plans to expand further in the near future.

Partnerships & Accreditations

Cyber Essentials
ISO 27001
Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
ISO 9001
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Silver Partner