Work from Anywhere with a Hosted Desktop

A cloud hosted desktop from Venom IT allows you to work from anywhere at any time. Simply log in to the device of your choice and you’ll have access to all of your data and applications from wherever you need them.

A hosted desktop, also known as a virtual desktop or remote desktop looks and behaves exactly the same as a traditional desktop, only you’re not restricted to working at your desk. You’ll have constant access to all your applications and data which are stored securely in ISO27001 data centres.

Why Choose a Remote Desktop from Venom IT?

  • Accesibility: Work from anywhere at anytime with constant access to your data and applications
  • Affordability: Cost savings from not having to worry about ongoing maintenance, upgrades and other IT investments
  • Reliability: You'll have constant access to your data and applications with 99.9% uptime
  • Data Security: Your data will be stored securley in ISO27001 Data Centres, protected with 2048-bit encryption and regular cloud backups
  • Scalability: You are able to quickly scale up or down dependng on your businesses needs - we will simply and efficently add or take away any number of desktops depending on your requirments
  • 24/7 support: We offer 24/7 support all year round to mitagate any issues straight away withour 2 hour SLA
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Hosted desktop

Let’s explore some of the benefits…

Work anywhere at
any time

High Security

Reduce your IT

Hosted desktop

Bespoke Cloud Hosted Desktop Solutions

We work with our clients to design Cloud based solutions tailored to each individual Company’s needs.

We are able to migrate a variety of applications including SAP and TSS.

If you'd like to discuss transferring your desktop and applications on to the Cloud, call us now on 0330 202 0220.

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Windows 7/8/10TickTickTick
Data Storage25GB40GB40GB
Free Remote App ServerTickTickTick
MS Office 2013/2016TickTickTick
100GB Exchange 2016 MailboxTickTickTick
Latest Antivirus Anti Spyware TechnologyTickTickTick
Full Daily BackupTickTickTick
Data replicated between 3 UK DatacentresTickTickTick
No Migration or Setup Costs - Fully managed migration serviceTickTickTick
Full UK based 24/7 technical supportTickTickTick
99.9% Financially backed SLA TickTickTick

Key Features of Hosted Desktop With Venom IT


Choosing a hosted desktop solution will cut your IT costs and energy bills. There's no expensive equipment or software to buy and you don't have to pay for upgrades.

High Security

Our hosted desktops are extremely secure and feature 2048-bit encryption as standard, guaranteeing the security and privacy of your data.

Secure Data Centres

We host our servers across several secure UK-based data centres that are ISO 27001 certified, PCI-compliant, PCI-DSS and secured to UK Government IL4 Standards.


An ultra-fast, remotely managed desktop is significantly more reliable than a stand-alone PC.

Up to Date Technology

The actual hardware won’t become obsolete because we automatically upgrade it so it always features the latest technology.

Automatically back-up all your data

We will secure your data with our 2048 Bit encrypted online Cloud backup service, mitigating any risk of data loss.

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“Venom IT are always a pleasure to work with..."

Founded in 1997 and incorporated in 2005, Technical and Event Services Ltd (TES) specialises in hiring technical equipment for events throughout the UK and Europe. The Company is based across multiple sites in the South of England.

TES had several existing servers and systems which they wished to transfer to the Cloud. The Company were looking to save costs on both running and maintaining their physical hardware and required a flexible external hosted solution. TES needed a secure environment for users that was fully backed up and maintained and could be accessed across their multiple locations. In order to discuss their requirements in detail, the Company contacted Cloud solutions specialists Venom IT.