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How to Choose the Best Citrix Hosting Provider

Do you really need a hosted desktop?

Citrix hosting providers offer you the option of working via a cloud-hosted desktop. This is a computer that you access in the same way as any other. Except for the platform, applications and processing power all exist in the cloud, instead of on your actual machine.

Everything you need is available via cloud hosting services. Here, several data centres work together to emulate the exact type of computer that your business needs to operate.

What’s the point? Well, firstly, it means that it doesn’t matter how old or slow your existing equipment is. Because all you’d need is a good internet connection to access some seriously powerful processing speeds.

It also means that your employees can access work via a remote desktop. This has proved to be handy in the last 12 months, as you can imagine. And because you do everything through a monthly subscription, hosting solutions allow your business to scale with total flexibility.

Why Citrix works as a Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows businesses to run all their computers via a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). By subscribing to a DaaS, you have complete virtual access to all your apps and desktops. Regardless of your location or which device you’re using.

One of the reasons why Citrix is an effective DaaS is because as a virtual platform it uses comparatively little bandwidth. So if you’re travelling in an area with a less than stellar internet connection, you can continue to do your job. It also has an offline option, allowing you to keep working and connect and sync once your internet gets better.

Citrix has the added benefit of offering a more secure login method than a Windows desktop or Microsoft virtual machine. Instead of logging into your desktop, Citrix sets up a buffer that checks things like your security settings before allowing you to access.

That encrypted buffer means your physical machine has no access to read, copy or retrieve data from desktop applications on the Citrix platform.

It’s just a window into what’s being processed in the cloud-based data centres. Thereby making it impossible to transfer data onto an unsecured machine. Even taking a screenshot or using the snipping tool will result in a black screen if the security settings are at their highest.

What makes good Citrix hosting providers?

To access Citrix as a DaaS, you need to work with a Citrix partner who is listed as a Citrix Service Provider (CSP). These companies specialise in providing hosted Citrix desktops and application hosting on a rental, services or subscription basis.

Citrix partners have to pass strict criteria in order to be able to offer Citrix solutions. From having the right number of technicians to having specific qualifications within the company.

They are well versed in delivering Citrix cloud hosting solutions. And they also receive the latest releases, patches, updates and warnings as a matter of priority.

But there are other things that you need to look for in a good Citrix hosting provider. For example, ensuring that they have the right credentials, experience and security in place in their own business.

ISO accreditations like ISO/IEC 27001 demonstrate that your provider regularly audits its own security, on top of being audited externally. It also shows that they replace their network switches, firewalls and assets over time.

These standards are important when it comes to how providers segregate their multi-tenant reference architecture. Because the last thing you want is for your system to be accidentally made accessible to another company hosted by the same provider.

A good provider will offer Citrix DaaS as a managed service. Meaning they monitor and optimise your access so you can focus on what your business does best.

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