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What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing?

It can be difficult to compete with the huge IT infrastructure budgets of large organisations. Not being able to regularly invest in the necessary enterprise level technology can seriously halt the growth and productivity of your business. However, by choosing Cloud computing as your IT model, you will be able to access the high-level systems you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.

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Are you a digital nomad? 5 Tips to Stay Safe.

Digital nomadism is on the rise. More and more people are doing a lot of their work from airport lounges, in coffee shops and, yes, for real, from the beach or next to the pool. Just like any camel-riding, elephant-riding or horse-riding nomad, Internet-riding nomads too have to know the perils of the road they […]

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7 Great Benefits of Cloud Computing

Affordability First of all, money talks. Cloud services used to be much more expensive. Going back to the 80’s – Mainframe, the precursor to Cloud, was something only FTSE 500 companies could afford; now even the smallest of startups can arm themselves with the benefits of Cloud computing. This is largely due to economies of […]

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Which came first: the Chicken, the Egg or the Cloud? Understanding Failover.

Imagine you’re making a pie, and the recipe says you need 6 eggs. You happen to have a box with 6 eggs, but then you drop the box. This is where Failover comes in.

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