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How can IT support help your business in 2024? Five new technology trends to watch

Keeping up with the latest trends in IT support technology 2024 can be difficult when you’re faced with a multitude of tasks. However, refusing to embrace the latest IT support technologies may lead to a loss in productivity, profits, customer satisfaction, and even compliance – no matter what industry you’re in. 

Technology trends 

Technology trends are constantly growing and evolving, which means IT support services must also follow suit. In the past, IT support technologies were limited to tasks like reducing downtime and minimising the loss of data during hardware, network, or software malfunctions. 

Fast forward to the present day and real-world companies must battle with a wider range of challenges, such as dealing with remote working environments or warding off sophisticated phishing campaigns. Many organisations also want to improve their operational efficiency by implementing data analytics or artificial intelligence into their workflows. All of the above requires a diverse arsenal of IT support technologies and tools. 

Five popular trends and IT support services 

Here are five emerging yet popular IT support services to look out for and what they may entail:

1. Data analytics services: visualising data and using machine learning algorithms to inform data-driven decisions.  

2. Threat migration services: providing rapid remediation services in the event of a breach. 

3. Cloud flexibility services: managing multiple cloud environments and ensuring scalability. 

4. Artificial intelligence services: improving user experience via automated support. 

5. IT management services: monitoring network performance and ensuring reliability. 


Benefits of enlisting IT support services 

No matter the size or sector of a company, there are many advantages when it comes to enlisting the help of IT support services. For example: 

  • Reduced costs: hiring an in-house team to cover your IT support needs is often more expensive than outsourcing the service. 

  • Greater productivity: less downtime and fewer breaches will boost your productivity while preserving your reputation. 

  • Access to experts: having access to a remote team of expert technicians means there’s always someone who knows how to help you. 

  • Faster scalability: with an IT support services provider, you can scale your level of security up or down depending on the demands of your business. 

  • Disaster recovery: in the event of a serious breach, you can minimise the impact of a breach and restore your data in record timing. 


Choosing the right managed IT support provider

To benefit from the best IT support technology 2024, you’ll need to find the right provider for your unique circumstances. Here are some aspects to consider: 

Technical expertise 

Without the right technical expertise, it’s unlikely that your provider can perform to your desired standard. Make sure to enquire about certifications that demonstrate their adherence to industry standards. 

Security measures 

During the interview stage, it’s important to ask your managed IT support provider about security measures. How do they approach cybersecurity and data protection? What are their measures for preventing, detecting, and responding to prominent threats? 

Response times 

IT support services must be both reliable and readily available. Determine what your provider’s response time is and ask whether they can provide round-the-clock assistance. 

Service offerings 

Last but not least, make sure their service offerings line up with your expectations. This is vital if you need specialised services that focus on emerging trends such as AI or greater direction in terms of IT consulting.  

Overall, the scope of IT support services is constantly changing as new trends and threats emerge. Protecting data and preventing breaches is far more complex today than it was a decade ago; therefore, modern IT support services must be reflective of this.  

If you’re looking for a provider who’s up to date with IT support technology 2024, don’t hesitate to contact us.