What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing?

Written by Jonathan Hunt

16 Aug, 2019

It can be difficult to compete with the huge IT infrastructure budgets of large organisations. Not being able to regularly invest in the necessary enterprise level technology can seriously halt the growth and productivity of your business. However, by choosing Cloud computing as your IT model, you will be able to access the high-level systems you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. In this post, we ask ‘what are the benefits of Cloud computing?’ and discuss how moving away from traditional IT infrastructure can enhance your business.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing allows you to share and access resources such as computer applications and storage over the internet. All data is stored, managed and processed through a network of remote servers; this means there’s no need to install hardware and software onto your own server and computer. Instead of having to purchase in-house physical servers, you simply rent storage from a Cloud provider on a pay per use basis, scaling up and down where necessary. Rather than having all of the computer hardware and software on site, it’s provided for you and accessed over the internet.

Switching to the Cloud is becoming increasingly popular

From vast cost savings to added security and flexibility, using cloud services provides businesses with a huge number of benefits. As a result, Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular; a survey carried out by International Data Group (IDA) last year revealed that 70% of respondents had at least one application in the Cloud. The respondents also anticipated having a minimum of 60% of their total IT environment in the Cloud by 2018. These figures help to demonstrate the fact that business owners are looking to move away from traditional IT infrastructure towards Cloud services; so what are the benefits of Cloud computing? what are the benefits of cloud computing

What are the Benefits of Cloud computing?


One of the major benefits of cloud computing is that it’s significantly more affordable than investing in traditional IT infrastructure. There are fewer start-up costs as you don’t have to purchase expensive hardware or run and maintain your own physical server. Cloud computing allows you to scale up and down when required so you only have to pay for the resource you actually use. This means you can easily adapt to business growth without having to purchase and install expensive equipment, upgrades, and physical server space. If for any reason your business growth slows, or you no longer need as much resource, you can then easily scale down. You are therefore not stuck with expensive equipment and additional server space you no longer need. The return on investment of physical servers is also relatively low due to the fact they decrease in value year on year. You will also save money on maintenance and security costs as they are looked after for you.

Reliability and business continuity

As well as being affordable, the Cloud is also significantly more reliable than traditional IT infrastructure. If your own physical server were to fail, it would lead to downtime and potential data loss which would be potentially catastrophic for your business. With the Cloud, this is avoided as your applications are hosted on multiple servers; this means the efficiency of your service will not be affected by individual system failures. All your data is regularly backed up and saved in the cloud so there’s no need to worry about losing your data. If something does go wrong, disaster recovery times are also much faster when using the Cloud.

Software and applications perform faster

Cloud services are much more resilient than traditional IT systems and will provide you with a consistently higher level of performance. Cloud computing gives you with an increased amount of storage space and resources. Your software and applications will performer much faster in the Cloud due to the consistently high level sever performance. 

You will always have the latest updates

Your systems will be regularly updated with the latest software and server upgrades. Your equipment won’t go out of date, saving you the time and expense of having to update and upgrade your systems with new technology.


At Venom IT, we specialize in ultra-secure Cloud hosting and will implement robust security measures to guarantee the protection of your data. On top of this, your data will be stored securely in the Cloud on encrypted servers, so you will have access to it no matter what happens.

Make the most of Cloud computing today

The above benefits help to demonstrate the various ways Cloud computing can help you to compete with larger organisations. Using the Cloud provides you with a huge number of business benefits and it’s affordability, scalability and reliability give you an opportunity to access high-level technology and grow your business. At Venom IT, we offer a wide range of Cloud computing services, including hosted-desktops, hosted Citrix, remote working, hosted Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business and website hosting. For more information about switching to the Cloud, contact us today.