3 Quick Checks to Spot a Good Cloud Provider

Written by Christoan Smit

16 Aug, 2019

Cloud services are great as they provide easy access to high-end security along with never-before experienced mobility. Unfortunately, there are some providers out there who are really not playing a fair game.

1) Where are they based?

Flying to the US for a court case if ever there’s a dispute might not be practical. Also, from a GDPR point of view, where your data is held does matter. If you’re a UK-based company, then look for UK-based providers whenever you can.

2) What is the Tier level of their data centres?

In the US, Tier 1 is the highest, in the UK and Europe, Tier 4 is the highest. Ask what Tier their data centre is on and make sure which ranking system they use.

3) Are they ISO certified?

ISO27001 is a basic requirement, but also ask if they are audited on ISO27017, which is a code of practice specific to cloud providers. As an organisation, they should also be ISO9001 certified, which provides basic quality assurance.

Bonus check: Do you need a crowbar to get your data back?

If the time comes for your Cloud provider and yourself  to part ways, make sure you can get your data back, with ease. Some Cloud providers play games by releasing their clients’ data only upon payment of an exorbitant fee, while others try to sneak clauses into their contracts that transfers ownership of your data to them.

Venom IT is a UK-based company with UK-only data centres. All our data centres are ISO27001 certified, and Venom IT as an organisation is ISO27001 certified as well, with ISO 27017 code of conduct, along with ISO9001. Our 2 main operational data centres are Tier 3, and the backup (storage) data centre is Tier 2. We work on 30-day rolling contracts, and will deliver your data via VPN to any new supplier should you choose to leave, at no charge, and at any time within the last 21 days of your contract with us.