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  • Hosted Desktop

    With a Hosted Desktop from Venom IT your office really can be anywhere.


  • Hosted Desktop Ctrix

    With our secure, corporate-class IT system, you get a complete remote hosted desktop not limited to Windows.


  • Hosted Server

    Avoid the hassle of keeping your own company server online. Instead of spending money and time on a tedious task, our expert service has you fully covered.


  • Hosted Backup

    Hosted Files from Venom IT gives you the freedom of unlimited, on-demand storage so you set it, and have your data safe and sound.


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We're open Monday to Friday, 9:00am till 5:30pm, but our IT support is 24/7
As a matter of fact, we do! Contact us on 0330 202 0220 to find out more
There are two things you can try: 1) Make sure all cables are plugged in and are in the correct sockets 2) Try a different monitor and see if that works
We all do it but you've probably forgot your password. Ring one of our engineers and we can reset it for you
Right-click the Desktop > Arrange Icons By > Show Desktop Icons. If the issue isn't resolved ring one our engineers to find out if there is a bigger issue at fault

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